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Sep 25 2007
3:52 pm

will.i.am Making Music Mom Likes. Working on Michael Jackson’s New Album

will.i.am’s first solo album “Songs About Girls” hit store shelves this morning. The Black Eyed Peas master of ceremonies was at NYC’s Fuse studio yesterday to hawk the goods. He recently talked to the Canadian Press about the sound of his latest creation.

“For me on this record, I don’t have any collaborations, just one song with Snoop Dogg. But all the other songs it’s me singing and rhyming, playing instruments and doing mostly everything. And it’s really melodic from what I usually do with Black Eyed Peas, but it’s cool. I’m really happy and proud of the record. It’s pretty fresh. My Mom likes it.

It’s a complete thought, you know? With the Peas, each one of us put our thoughts on the record and they’re tangents, from three, four different points of view.
This one, it’s a complete thought, a journey through break-ups and make-ups, broken hearts and regrets.”


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