Mary J Blige someone to love me screenshot
Apr 08 2011
1:51 pm

Mary J. Blige “Someone to Love Me” video + “My Life II” Release Date

Just a little replay, Mary J. Blige teams up with Diddy and Lil Wayne for the remix of “Someone to Love Me” off Last Train to Paris. Earlier this week, Mary J. Blige announced September 20 as the release date for her next album My Life II, The Journey Continues. Producers on the album will be Kanye West, Swizz, Beatz and Stargate (think, “Black and Yellow.”)


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Mary J. Blige performs at Hot 97 Summer Jam 2009
Jun 08 2009
11:00 pm

Mary J. Blige Waves the Auto-Tune Flag: “The One”

These days, for the most part, when I hear music I don’t like, I simply pass it by. This one (pun almost intended) I couldn’t pass up. A new Mary J. Blige track called “The One” leaked to these internets recently and, shock and horror, Mary is using Auto-Tune. Admittedly, it is used sparingly — on the chorus and certain phrases — but its use is so light, she could have done without it. In the song Mary talks about people having ‘‘nothing on her.” You know, her swag/style is singular - yet, to make this point she decided to do what every other wannabe, can’t hold a note singer is doing to fake the funk.


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Diddy celebrates his 39th Birthday party at Mansion in NYC
Nov 06 2008
10:29 am

Diddy Celebrates his 39th Birthday at Mansion ☼!☼

Election day marked the 39th year that Sean Combs’ God-like genius has blessed this earth. The humble man that he is, S. Combs gave Barack Obama the spotlight and put off his birthday celebration until last night at Mansion, under the bright lights of New York City. You see the clear stuff in the cup. Just call him Ciroc Obama! ← his words, not mine.


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Diddy takes a picture with voter on voting line in Florida
Nov 03 2008
4:31 pm

Final Splash for Barack Obama: Beyonce + Jay-Z + Diddy + MJB

One more day until history is made. If you’re anything like me, all the election commentary on the news today sounds like yabble-babble. Want to know how ridiculously scattershot John McCain’s campaign has been? Only today are his Obama ~ Reverend Wright ads being pushed in force. The Drudge Report looks like the Sludge Report, with the number of wacky Obama headlines they have up.

Even the Palin jokes are lame. Will she run in 2012? Sure and she’ll still be winking and embarrassing the leaders of the Republican party. Enough is enough.


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Big Boi
Jul 21 2008
9:01 pm

Big Boi + Mary J. Blige = “Something’s Gotta Give”

Big Boi is gearing up for the release of his second solo album Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. The first single from the album finds Big Boi and Mary J. Blige doing the two-step on a song called ” Something’s Gotta Give.”

Think of it as a modern day blues story.

The bassline is an inspired riff of the The Gap Band’s “Outstanding” and Big Boi is his usual verbally dexterous self as he details the hard times people are feeling in today’s economy. If that wasn’t clear by the end of the first verse, when the chorus hits, Mary throws a shock to any chill out vibe you might have been feeling..


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Mary J. Blige shopping in Los Angeles
Jun 24 2008
3:46 pm

Stylish > Mary J. Blige’s Shopping Style

Mary J. Blige was spotted shopping on the paparazzi infested Robertson Blvd, in Los Angeles. Mary looks very summertime chic. Her halter top is very cute, and her accessories are fly.

Mary J. Blige shoppng in Los Angeles


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Mary J. Blige in a fabulous spotted fur
Jun 17 2008
10:51 am

Mary J. Blige is Cutting Checks: Just Call Her Mary Teresa

Last I checked, Mary J. Blige has yet to officially crack the 1 million mark with Growing Pains, but those Heart of the City tour dollars must be something serious. Page Six is reporting that Mary J. Blige was spotted in the Diane von Furstenberg store..

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.. in New York City’s Meatpacking District. (click and drag that picture)

Mary was doing some shopping of her own when she overheard a woman at the register having a problem paying for a dress. It was $900, she only had $500.

As the woman was about to slump it back to the rack, Mary swooped in like Superwoman and whipped out her wallet.
“Go get the girl. I want to pay for the balance on the dress,” Mary told the saleswoman.


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Kelly Rowland, Mary J Blige and Christina Milian
Jun 05 2008
7:37 pm

Stylish > Kelly Rowland at MTV’s XBox Party + Mary J. Blige and Christina Milian

Last night Kelly Rowland attended MTV’s Xbox party in Sydney, Australia. What do you think of her look? I give her props on trying to be different, but overall I am not feelin’ this look. The part that makes me cringe the most are the flesh tone dance stockings she is wearing.

Kelly Rowland in jean shorts and dance stockings at MTV's X-Box party


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Sex and the City NY premiere - Jennifer Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker
May 28 2008
3:59 pm

Stylish > Jennifer Hudson at the Sex and the City Premiere

Let the countdown begin! Sex and the City will be premiering in your local theater this Friday. I for one am so excited, and can’t wait to see it. Last night was the highly anticipated New York City premiere of the film. Of course it was a stylish event, and many celebrities attended.

Sex and the City NY premiere - Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson’s dress looked ok. To me her accessories are what made her outfit pop.


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Aisha Tyler - Hollywood Life's 10th Anuual Young Hollywood Awards
May 25 2008
9:17 am

Stylish > Mary J. Blige at AMFAR Cinema Against Aids 2008

Mary J. Blige is this week’s scene stealer. She looks fabulous, and stunning in this strapless red dress by Roberto Cavalli. Mary wore this to the AMFAR’s Cinema Against AIDS 2008, which took place at Le Moulin de Mougins, France. I do have one critique. Less is more, and she should have only wore bracelets on one are. The dress is so gorgeous, it does not need accessories distracting attention from it.


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