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Oct 04 2007
12:33 am

Timbaland: The New Hip-Hop is Pop. Ringtone Rap is Getting Stronger

Early this summer, after listening to Timbaland’s “Shock Value” again and again, I became convinced it was one of the best albums released up to that point. Here we are messing with pre-Halloween days and it’s safe to say it’s still at the top of the Whudat Approved list. Despite the dismal sales, the album represents the new hip-hop. What’s that?

Timbaland is in the final issue of Scratch magazine and he breaks it down to the bubble.

Oh, the new hip-hop is pop: Justin, Nelly, Fergie, will.i.am. It got harder beats! Any of these pop acts that’s trying new things - that’s hip-hop. Cause that’s what hip-hop used to be - new material. I went to Harvard, took the rich kid and brought him to the hood, got him jammin’. Those are real, hard hip-hop beats.


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