Lil Wayne adjusting his designer glasses.
Mar 03 2011
3:52 pm

New Video: Lil Wayne “6’7,” Sprinkled Very Lightly with Inception

Lil Wayne is in prime form on “6’7.” For the video he got a little help from director Hype Williams for an Inception inspired video. If you haven’t seen Inception, don’t worry about getting lost; the Inception jacks don’t go beyond special effects and eye candy. There is a lot of slow motion; beautiful women; alternating color to black and white shots; and lyrical layups ie. “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna..” and, you see a plate of lasagna.


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Tabi Bonney in China
Jan 13 2011
11:31 am

New Video: tabi Bonney “Garfield Fish Bones”

Don’t ask me any of the five W’s, just enjoy the sounds and visuals of tabi Bonney’s video for “Garfield Fish Bones.” The first song off his new mixtape “Postcard from Abroad” set to be released on January 24. Like the Smithed-up Karate Kid, it was filmed on the streets of China. This is highly aligned with my mental this week; I’m currently reading “Shadow Markets” which gives a peek at the ways that China is big banking the world.


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Rihanna in Hard Hat.. Hard Video
Dec 25 2009
3:17 am

Rihanna Goes “Hard” (Video)! ~ Merry Christmas

It’s the 25th of December! Merry Christmas to all and to all here’s a damn good video. As a late night/early morning present here’s Rihanna’s “Hard” video featuring Young Jeezy. This video is light years ahead of most quote-unquote R&B videos. You’re familiar with Rihanna’s packaging and she continues to keep it at a high level. Sales of Rated R do not reflect the quality of the album. Side effect of that CB scrap. Maybe once this video gets enough play folks will cycle back and pick it up. Look out the window.. it’s Santa!


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Gnarls Barkley - Going On video
May 09 2008
7:55 pm

Rewind That (Video) Gnarls Barkley - “Going On”

Gnarls Barkley’s second single and video “Going On” debuted this afternoon. In classic Gnarly creative tradition, they went the unorthodox route: they’re not in the video at all. Set in an African (Caribbean?) country, a bunch of kids discover a portal to another world. After some initial dancing and singing with friends, a guy and girl break away from the pack and set the doorway to a new place down in the middle of a dirt path. The guy hops through.

What nails the video are the words that pop on the screen next >>

“Don’t Follow Me.”

Of course, the girl follows him anyway.


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Chrisette Michele sings in Rising Up
Apr 23 2008
5:37 pm

Rewind That (Video) - The Roots “Rising Up” + “75 Bars” + “Get Busy”

The Roots 10th album, Rising Down, will be legally.., available on April 29. The previously released videos “75 Bars (Black Reconstruction)” and “Get Busy” are great indicators that, on the low, The Roots have crafted one of the must-have hip-hop albums of the year.

Widely respected, music video director, Rik Cordero is all over the project; he is the eye behind the videos for Rising Down. Leading into the album’s debut week, “Rising Up” featuring Chrisette Michelle and Wale is live and ready. ?uestlove taps out a Go Go beat, got guys spinning on their necks and backs, and Black Thought and Wale’s lyrics twisting through the whole circus.


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Apr 08 2008
10:25 am

Rewind That (Video) - Usher feat. Young Jeezy “Love in this Club”

The video for Usher’s “Love in this Club” made it’s way online yesterday. The preview gave the impression that it was a lazy repeat of Yeah!‘s video. Luckily, that’s not the case - entirely. It feels like the extended-bonus cut version of Yeah!. You know, like what took place when they touched down in the after-hours spot. I’m sure that’s not what was intended, but the way the spotlights slice across the scenes make the comparison unavoidable.

Keri Wilson made her much talked about guest spot in the video. Not sure why. I’ve watched it with a couple of people and none of them said.. that’s Keri Hilson. She come across as just another pretty face in a video.


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Kanye West - Homecoming video
Apr 02 2008
12:00 am

Rewind That (Video) - Kanye West “Homecoming” feat. Chris Martin

Kanye West takes it back to Chicago, for “Homecoming,” the fourth video off Graduation. The video has a sublime quality and comforting feel that should reassure those of you that thought Kanye slipped into a dank pool on the dark side, with the demented, slightly morbid, “Flashing Lights” teaser video. I’m just mad that video ended with a shovel to the stomach. Was he killed, shot, and buried Goodfellas style? I needed closure.


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Mar 19 2008
8:39 pm

Rewind That (Video) - SantoGold’s “L.E.S. Artistes”

Seven years ago, Santi White was writing songs for RES on How I Do. After that one album, RES dropped off the face of the major label scene. Too bad. RES still performs here and there (most recently at Club Midway in NYC) but a new album isn’t on the horizon.

Meanwhile, Santi White has continued to write songs for other artists - like Lily Allen’s “Littlest Things.” She was also part of a punk rock group called Spank Rock. Last year, she retagged herself Santogold and entered the new year as a buzz artist.

The Santogold songs I heard last year didn’t impress at all.


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Ledisi - Alright
Feb 25 2008
12:37 pm

Rewind That - Ledisi “Alright”

I’ve been waving the flag for Ledisi for a good minute. Last week she had a short blurb in the NY Daily News “Ledisi’s a Lost Treasure”, where we get this quote.

“Talent will prevail, but it helps that you look a little bit cute.”


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Skillz - I Want Change
Feb 19 2008
8:17 am

Rewind That - Skillz “Crazy World”

The ever forward stomp of technology is allowing independent artists to create videos of top notch quality. With a couple thousand dollars an artist can film HD quality visuals that would have previously been impossible without the help of a major label budget check.

But like any piece of technology what you do with it is what matters.

Skillz, out of Richmond, Virginia, teamed up with Illusive Media to create a nice looking video for “Crazy World.” For sure, the song is far from catchy. Still it brings to mind the flavor of hip-hop before it became exclusively about the hook, verse, and royalties.


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