VH1 Hip Hop Honors Tracy Morgan
Oct 09 2007
11:42 am

VH1 Hip-Hop Honors 2007 Always Brings Back Memories

This year’s VH1’s Hip Hop Honors was great on so many levels: the artists selected and Tracy Morgan’s insanity was perfect to keep things moving. It’s truly hard to put how enjoyable it was into words. In the midst of a spontaneous dance move in the middle of the living room spurred by the sights and sounds of Whodini performing, I realized that for all my excitement, this is a show that’s lost on anyone that doesn’t have first-hand experience with the music.

You hear Whodini singing “Freaks Come Out At Night”.. “Friends” It’s all a blur of whatever. Imagine “Friends” being made by an artist today.. it was a huge song. And don’t even mention the tiny white shorts Ecstasy wore during Fresh Fest. Andre Harrell and Teddy Riley, that whole Uptown era, there are memories that go along with each and every one of the honorees, which get lost when translating those moments to anyone tha was most likely just born when those records were the shit.


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