Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri leaving the Waverly Inn
Mar 26 2009
12:31 pm

Janet Jackson and JD do the Waverly Inn

I forget where I was, but earlier this week there was a picture of Janet Jackson looking like a cousin of the Klumps. You know, that weird 300 pounds she manages to pack on and then shed in six months time? Anyway, yesterday Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri were caught in the frame of a pap’s lens as they left the Waverly Inn in NYC.


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Jermaine Dupri and Fantasia at pre BET Hip-Hop Awards party
Oct 18 2008
2:48 pm

Fantasia @ Jermaine Dupri’s Pre BET Hip-Hop Awards Party

Last night Jermaine Dupri and Tag Records held a pre-BET Hip-Hop Awards party in Tucker, Georgia. From the looks of it, there weren’t too many of hip-hop’s finest in attendance, but you do get a shot of JD and Fantasia.. You know how people complain about the lack of creativity these days? Look at that first picture.

Fantasia in black leather leggings outfit

Now this..


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Jermaine Dupri sips red rum
May 27 2008
5:11 pm

What’s a Phatfffat? Jermaine Dupri Discusses the Thirsty Method

In his latest blog at The Huffington Post, Jermaine Dupri talks about the music industry needing to remix the way major labels market artists. Dubbing it The Thirsty Method (the only reason I used that picture), JD thinks artist sites should be more like blogs, the internet should get more focus than Vibe and BET.. “the digital space is way more powerful than outlets like print and television.”.., and no more of this letting an artist cool off and then wondering why they flop.. “When a person is thirsty, you don’t give him water two weeks after the thirst hits.. These days in music, when something’s hot you have to seize the moment, or it’s over. It’s all happening at warp speed, and it’s our job as label executives to keep up.”

Dondria Nicole aka Phatfffat

He talked about a YouTube artist he was put on to called Phatfffat. Supposedly a huge sensation, with a ton of fans. JD initially blew it off, but decided to check her out anyway. What he saw brought him back to the days of seeing Bow Wow and Da Brat for the first time - he felt the magic.
Most convincingly was how positively engaged her fans were. Jermaine Dupri signed Phatfffat and in keeping with the thirsty concept the album is coming out on July 29.


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Ciara and lala at Atlanta Hawks game
Jan 16 2008
7:56 pm

Flickerazzi - Jermaine Dupri, Ciara, and Lala Take in an Atlanta Hawks Game

Celebs don’t miss a chance to take in a basketball game, especially when they’ve maneuvered their way into courtside seats. Really, could you ever go back to the 300 section after you’ve been close enough to trip your favorite player? That’s a Curb moment.

Jermaine Dupri throws the peace sign at a Hawks/Nuggets game

Jermaine Dupri’s got to be happy with the feedback Janet’s getting at the early stages of her album release. Two fingers = two million sold in two months or less!!


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Jermaine Dupri
Oct 05 2007
9:22 am

A Million Dollars Ain’t Nothin. Let Me See You Do It Again.

Diddy says his road to riches story is still being played out; Jay-Z’s rumored to have finished his Black book but is now leery about telling all of his business; so who’s the first of the new school hip-hop moguls to release their autobiography? Umm, the first of the new school hip-hop moguls, Jermaine Dupri. [Relax Russell. I have both of your books. You’re old school mogul. Which is a good thing]

On October 16th, Jermaine Dupri’s “Young, Rich, and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul” slides on bookshelves. Last night he sat down to talk with The Big Idea guy, Donny Deutsch, to do the big promote. There was little said about the book itself, The Big Idea is more about how the rich and soon-to-be-rich entrepreneurs paved the first steps to their success.


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