Missy Elliot
Oct 04 2007
7:50 pm

Missy Elliot Talks Up Her New Album: We Going as Far Left as Possible

Missy Elliot is back in the studio cooking up her seventh album. In that Timbaland interview [not the part I posted] he had some concern about Missy Elliot being one of this year’s VH1 Hip-Hop Honorees..

“That scares me, because to me, when they give you an honor like that, they only trying to say that you’re over.”

.. That won’t prevent him from getting together with Missy once again, for some spectaculous creations.

In an EW article Missy spoke on the Timbaland reunion

“Tim was [busy] getting slim last album. Now he’s fully back in the picture, and it feels good. One night, we sat in the studio like, “We’ve been everywhere from using Japanese sounds to using birds. What do we do at this point?” So it’s been a challenge, but I like that we push each other. Together we’re always gonna take it as far left as possible without losing people or having them thinking we’re on drugs.”


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