Azie Faison - Game Over
Sep 24 2007
4:10 pm

Azie Faison: The Rise and Transformation of a Harlem Hustler

With all this resurgent talk of gangsters past and present as Denzel Washington and Jay-Z’s latest is upon us, it’s important to remember the life of a drug dealer is all good in the sense of visceral entertainment, but in real life the drug game is far less glamorous.

Over the weekend I read Azie Faison’s autobiography, “Game Over.” Along with Rich Porter and Alpo, Azie was among Harlem’s biggest cocaine dealers in the mid-late 80’s. You may have heard their story in Dame Dash’s movie “Paid in Full.” The movie was originally called “Trapped” which Azie wrote not just to tell his life story, but to show the unglamorous things aspiring dealers would find once the ‘high’ of having money, cash, and hos wore off.

Azie met up with Dame Dash to get the story produced. His 189 page screenplay would have resulted in a 3 1/2 hour movie, so it needed some editing, but Azie felt it got watered down too much. He loved the acting but not the story.


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