Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri leaving the Waverly Inn
Mar 26 2009
12:31 pm

Janet Jackson and JD do the Waverly Inn

I forget where I was, but earlier this week there was a picture of Janet Jackson looking like a cousin of the Klumps. You know, that weird 300 pounds she manages to pack on and then shed in six months time? Anyway, yesterday Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri were caught in the frame of a pap’s lens as they left the Waverly Inn in NYC.


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Janet Jackson
Oct 29 2008
8:10 pm

Janet Jackson to Open for the Jackson 5 Reunion Tour

Vertigo might be keeping Janet Jackson from performing at her own concerts, but some time after the calendar flips will give Janet plenty of space to stop her head from spinning and put in work for her brothers. Her bioligical brothers. Speaking at an Austrailian TV station event, Jermaine Jackson confirmed that the Jackson 5 are getting back together for a new album - that includes Michael.


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Janet Jackson - Rock With U
Apr 30 2008
8:19 pm

Janet Jackson Comes Down to Earth for “Rock With U”

Anyone not a few clicks new around here, knows the hard time I gave Janet Jackson for her space-themed “Feedback” video. I haven’t seen this around much, but she has a new video out for “Rock With U.” Consider it a re-interpretation of her big brother’s in-his-prime classic.. “Rock With You.”

Janet’s version dips into the house music territory of the late 80’s/early 90’s. And this time, the video matches well with the music.
She’s in a club, mingling with folks, cheezin, and dancing without the danger of floating off into the Milky Way. It’s all I ever asked of her. Come down to earth, baby.

Janet Jackson pinned against the wall in rock with u

She also used a club scene as an excuse to get her freak off. How many times did dude mess up that scene for the reshoot? Off beat on purpose. “Wow. Was I supposed to spin? Let’s do it ten more times.”


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Janet Jackson at the Nokia Theater
Feb 26 2008
4:23 pm

Janet Jackson Performs at the Nokia Theater ~ Good Morning America

Janet Jackson’s “Discipline” album officially hit store shelves this morning. It’s the 10th album in her 41 years on this little round ball rotating in space. Why make that analogy? Come on. You know how I feel about that moon sh*t, but we won’t touch that sore spot again.

Janet Jackson on the moon at the Nokia Theater


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Janet Jackson's 'rumored' Discipline Cover
Jan 16 2008
1:16 am

Janet Jackson “Discipline” Cover Hits the Blogs

I’ve always had this thing about posting artist’s upcoming album covers in a - here it is kind of way. It’s free advertising for the label. Money that would normally be spent in a magazine or on an online ad isn’t necessary when the audience the label is targeting is showing the cover to all of their friends - i.e., their customers, without lifting a single quarter from the label’s stacks.

This kind of stuff gets around regardless, one site don’t stop the flow, but in order to thumb past that cover rule in Whudat country it’s gotta be a stunner or have a story attached to it. It’s only happened once before with Kanye’s album cover getting the Karosaki treatment. The artwork was changed in the final hour as was noted to my dismay; but no matter, here we go again.


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Janet Jackson sitting on.. the moon?
Jan 09 2008
6:31 pm

Rewind That: Janet Jackson “Feedback”

I’d love to say something about Janet Jackson’s “Feedback” video, but my head hit the monitor 2 seconds into it.

Partially boredom, a whole lot of confusion. Who the hell came up with this space stalker, dancing on the planets with the astronaut gang crap? I really hate this, and that’s because I like the song. The video takes something lively and fun and does nothing to make it come to life. All that black, gray and what is it.. auburn? Whatever the color, it’s a depressing vibe.


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Janet Jackson - Feedback
Dec 14 2007
4:40 pm

The Five Spot - Janet Jackson “Feedback” aka ‘the most successful leak ever!’

If you have Toya tell it, Janet Jackson’s latest single has been posted on 1.34 million blogs all across this round planet in a little over five hours time. I love Toya’s spot, but she’s a big fan of Janet Jackson, so she might be waving the flag a little high and hard..“Radio stations across the country has been swamped with hundreds of thousands of phone calls to play the song, making ‘Feedback’ the most successful debut leak in music history. .. Major radio station websites has been stalled because traffic for the song spiked at nearly ninety per cent. It is also reported that no other leak has generated this much buzz and anticipation EVER! And the shocking thing about it is that the song hasn’t even been released yet. The song is a CERTIFIED hit already. Absolutely amazing! Go Janet!”

Yeah, there’s some flag waving going on there. haha.


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Why Did I Get Married
Oct 15 2007
9:49 am

Why Did I Get Married? Takes The Number One Spot

Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married” took the number one spot this weekend with $21 million. Not surprising given that there were people stumbling into the theater like they haven’t been to the movies in 10 years. For whatever reason Tyler Perry brings out a part of the public that feels like finally a movie was made for them. Some people only go to see black movies (to their own detriment.) “Why Did I Get Married” is one of the better ‘black’ movies in that there is none of the over the top comedy and hood themes that pervade much of what’s considered a black movie.

Like the feel of the upcoming “This Christmas’ it casts a much needed, different shade of light. It’s easy to see why the cast made it to Oprah’s couch.

It’s not really a black movie though. It’s a film about the quirks that exist in the marriages of four couples who could be any race.


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