Marlon Wayan and Ray Park at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles
Aug 07 2009
4:31 pm

“G.I. Joe” Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles: Marlon Wayans, Ciara, Aubrey O’ Day

Last night, the celebs and their personal Entourages stepped out to The Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles for the red carpet premiere of “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra.” Consider this yellow light, the studio execs didn’t allow any sneak previews/reviews of the film. That’s usually a sign that the movie is the opposite of fantastic and they’re attempting to avoid drying up their first weekend squeeze of the box office. Oddly enough, I’ve avoided any reviews, even Twitter comments, about the movie for the same reason: I don’t want to know anything ruining the summer action flick experience before sitting down with something hot buttered/salted and a quart of sweet, icy, liquid diabetes. Yes, large does equals XXL and the sugar high fills any blind spots in the plotline. Honesty, I stash a human-sized drink in a pocket or bag. wink


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The Wayans Brothers
Oct 22 2007
10:47 pm

Wayans Brothers Writing Black Entourage and Munsters Movie

Shawn Wayans was on 106 and Park today, when asked what projects he had in the works (“he” really means we, as in all 25 brothers and sisters.) Shawn responded, “We just sold a series to VH1. Like a black Entourage, but more funny.” He also mentioned they were doing some writing for an upcoming Munsters movie. The Wayans won’t be in it, just putting fingers to keyboard.

Do we really need a black Entourage? Especially if it’s going to be ‘more funny.’


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Marlon and Shawn Wayans
Jul 10 2007
5:40 pm

The Wayans Brothers Back on Track for Wayans World Theme Park

Imagine a Six Flags theme park with all the craziness of Scary Movie, In Living Color, Little Man, White Chicks and right next to the outdoor food court, while your putting down a chili dog and cheese fries, Keenan Ivory Wayans is hosting a talent show featuring the type of crumb list talents he brought to the stage back in 97’. Talk about good times. Give me a plane ticket and a season pass.

The Wayans Brothers are in the skeletal stages of building their own movie studio and theme park in Oakland, California.


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