Usher, Nelly, Kelly Rowland hit a London club
May 12 2008
9:04 pm

Usher, Nelly, and Kelly Rowland Tell Club Owner, “We Don’t Drink Cristal!”

Usher and Nelly performed at UK Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival over the weekend. Since they were in the area, yesterday they shot over to London’s Amika nightclub. The occasion? Kelly Rowland’s last night in London (a slim excuse to throw a party.) Partying from 11:30 p.m. to 4 in the morning, Usher, Nelly, and Kelly (with friends,) racked up $31,000, on liquor alone.

When they walked through the door at Amika, the club owner offered them a $1,200 magnum of Cristal.

Nelly was overheard by a Daily Mirror source, saying.. “We don’t support Cristal.” The club owner didn’t understand the problem. Someone else in the group explained the Cristal boycott that is apparently still in force in hip-hop circles. The club owner sent the Cristal back to the bar and four bottles of white-gold Dom Perignon were brought over instead.


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Sep 21 2007
3:22 pm

Flickerazzi: Ashanti and Nelly Back in Action in Las Vegas

Ashanti was at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas yesterday. More promotion for Resident Evil: Extinction. Not only did Ashanti bring the entire Douglas clan..

C. Haynes slipped in the picture.

Wasn’t there all kinds of talk about Nelly and Ashanti splitting up just a few months ago?


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