BET Hip-Hop vs. America
Sep 25 2007
11:58 am

Hip-Hop Vs. America: Brothers Gonna Work it Out

If you’re up for a debate tonight check out BETs Hip-Hop vs. America at 8 PM. It’s the first of a three part series that will look at the criticism heaved on Hip-Hop artists post-Imus. Isn’t it amazing that Imus was known not to a single High School kid before this year (even the minute he uttered his famous phrase) yet he’s become the jump off point for a discussion of what’s wrong in the music?

The show will be hosted by Cousin Jeff and Toure’ with the first part airing tonight, the second on Wednesday, (same time, same channel) and the third will be online at BET on Blast with additional ‘exclusive footage’ like DVD extras.

The discussion will be about the familiar subjects: sexism, violent lyrics, degrading words and images. The panel of guests is damn impressive.


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