Rissi Palmer
Oct 15 2007
8:54 pm

Rissi Palmer, a Black “Country Girl” Emerging From the Shadows

Quick. Name a black country singer. A music head might have pulled out good ol’ Charlie Pride. It’s about all I would ever come up with, but if the question was name a living black country singer, we’d all be stuck on stupid. Rissi Palmer. Remember that name for your next game of Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit. The 26-year-old was featured in an MSNBC story this week. Her single “Country Girl”, off her self-titled debut album that comes out Oct. 23, hit number 54 on the Hot Country charts.

When Rissi Palmer was 19 she got an offer from Jimmy Jam and and Terry Lewis to sign to their Flyte Tyme Records label. The deal would have involved her recording R&B music, but this is the production duo who skyrocketed Janet Jackson’s career. Rissi turned them down.. “A lot of people in my family said, ‘I can’t believe you just did that. That’s money.’ But I couldn’t imagine having to sing something I didn’t feel, I didn’t identify with and didn’t feel sincere about.”


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