Jamie Foxx in a plain black t-shirt
Jun 27 2009
3:35 am

Jamie Foxx Talks Michael Jackson and the 2009 BET Awards

The 2009 BET Awards airing this Sunday was already going to be a big show: Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Maxwell and The-Dream are all set to take the stage. Michael Jackson’s passing will definitely take the energy to another level. As we speak, Jay-Z and Beyonce are preparing a Michael Jackson tribute. Expect—the unexpected, as all the big names in music clamor to join the celebration. Jamie Foxx is hosting the show. Yesterday at a BET press session, Jamie Foxx stopped to talk with Sam Sylk about the plans for the show: lots of MJ remixes, dancing, just a positive send off to honor a legendary, influential King of the game.


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Lenny Kravitz reflects on Michael Jackson
Jun 26 2009
12:58 am

Lenny Kravitz Speaks On Michael Jackson: A Beautiful Human Being

The wave of reflections about Michael Jackson’s passing is likely to shut down the internet: Google news stories in the upper thousands; Twitter admins on server alert. Lenny Kravitz broke Twitter’s 140 character limit to reflect on Michael Jackson’s legacy in this very thoughtful multi-part Tweet I recombine for your reading pleasure..


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Michael Joseph Jackson R.I.P.
Jun 26 2009
12:09 am

Michael Jackson Dies at the Golden Year: R.I.P.

Where were you when you heard Michael Jackson died? I was at NYC’s J&R Music World, deciding if The International was worth a Blu-Ray package and overheard a conversation between two women.. “Michael Jackson died!” “No he didn’t, he’s in a coma.” “They said he died. It’s on the news.” One of them looks at me, because I’ve got the who, what are y’all talking about look on my face. I was fresh off the 9 - 5 and hadn’t heard anything about Michael Jackson. Google and Twitter were out of sight, out of mind, which means no info.


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Michael Jackson pulls up to KFC
Nov 02 2008
2:35 pm

Michael Jackson Pulls up for a Two Piece and a Biscuit + What Tour?

Michael Jackson was spotted by the eagle eyes over at TMZ, as his Cadillac Escalade pulled up to a Kentucky Fried Chicken spot in Brentwood, California. Did I just commit a brand flub there? Kentucky Fried Chicken should be KFC, but who calls it that? “I’m going to KFC..” ?!?

This picture is evidence that plastic surgery can’t cover up one thing: black people love chicken - even Mikey needs his fix. It also allows me to update that Jackson 5 reunion story. Seems as though Jermaine Jackson was talking out loud about the good ol’ days getting a refresh. He and the rest of the fam might have plans to get on stage, but Michael Jackson took time between bites of a crisp chicken breast to say, sounds good, but I’ll pass..


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Janet Jackson
Oct 29 2008
8:10 pm

Janet Jackson to Open for the Jackson 5 Reunion Tour

Vertigo might be keeping Janet Jackson from performing at her own concerts, but some time after the calendar flips will give Janet plenty of space to stop her head from spinning and put in work for her brothers. Her bioligical brothers. Speaking at an Austrailian TV station event, Jermaine Jackson confirmed that the Jackson 5 are getting back together for a new album - that includes Michael.


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Michael Jackson Top Hat in Ebony Magazine
Nov 08 2007
8:35 am

Michael Jackson: I’m a Freak? Haha.. You So Crazy!

25 years ago Micheal Jackson’s Thriller was killing the music charts. No one will ever forget the multi-zippered, red leather jacket; the one glove magic; or the first time they saw the movie-like music video with zombies dancing in the street. Women all over the globe would lose their minds at the sight of him; men fanaticly mimiced his dance moves; American, Ethiopian, Chilean or straight from Borat town, Michael Jackson mania was in complete effect.

When it was all said and done, Michael Jackson sold 42 million copies of Thriller, the highest selling album of all time; 750 million albums throughout his career. 50 don’t want nothing to do with those numbers.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Thriller, Ebony magazine slapped Michael Jackson on their December cover and somehow managed to get him into the middle of Brooklyn for a photo shoot at the Brooklyn Museum of Art without anyone finding out about it til now.


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will.i.am give the wrinkle brow at  Fuse - The Sauce
Sep 25 2007
3:52 pm

will.i.am Making Music Mom Likes. Working on Michael Jackson’s New Album

will.i.am’s first solo album “Songs About Girls” hit store shelves this morning. The Black Eyed Peas master of ceremonies was at NYC’s Fuse studio yesterday to hawk the goods. He recently talked to the Canadian Press about the sound of his latest creation.

“For me on this record, I don’t have any collaborations, just one song with Snoop Dogg. But all the other songs it’s me singing and rhyming, playing instruments and doing mostly everything. And it’s really melodic from what I usually do with Black Eyed Peas, but it’s cool. I’m really happy and proud of the record. It’s pretty fresh. My Mom likes it.

It’s a complete thought, you know? With the Peas, each one of us put our thoughts on the record and they’re tangents, from three, four different points of view.
This one, it’s a complete thought, a journey through break-ups and make-ups, broken hearts and regrets.”


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