Ghostface Repping Iron Man since day one
May 05 2008
10:56 am

Ghostface’s Deleted Iron Man Scene: He Was a Tycoon

Iron Man crushed the box office this weekend. $100 mil in three days, that’s a nice little pay day. Robert Downey Jr. gave a swagger to his superhero that I didn’t see in Batman or Spider Man. Once he customized the suit with supersonic jet propulsion and dipped it in Fast and Furious colors, it was over. Will Smith has some work ahead of him.

Who knew Jon Favreau, Swingers guy could direct big budget joints?

There are a bunch of scenes that got cut; one of them belonged to the other Tony Starks - Ghostface. He has repped Iron Man for six albums. This was his chance to take it to a higher level - even if it was a thirty second thing.

Ghost talked to MTV about the scene, last year.


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Ghostface on His Grown Man Shit
Dec 05 2007
3:50 pm

Ghostface Speaks on Grown Man Sh*t vs. the People’s Choice

Picked up Ghostface’s latest yesterday; he’s one of the few artists I can by an album from, off the shelf, without hearing a single song beforehand. I know it’s guaranteed flames.

Outside the store’s entrance there was a Jay-Z American Gangster banner stretched across the doorway.. “a conceptual collection of songs” I have to laugh every time I see that. Don’t get it twisted, the album is fire: lyrically, musically, one of the best albums out right now- and much better/easier to listen to than Kingdom Come.

But this whole concept thing is really a disclaimer he has to use as an excuse to take a step back from the proudly 30+ Shawn Carter that takes million dollar vacations overseas, a little helicopter ride to Martha’s Vineyard for a meeting with Bill Gates, partial owner of a basketball team, slash etc. etc. - you know his new life. Calling American Gangster a concept album allowed him to talk about selling drugs and hustling, while simultaneously satisfying those that want to hear the old Jay-Z and avoiding frowns from his new associates. You like that, Jay? He claims not to have many real friends anymore, just associates. Not sure if he used that word, but he can have it for freebies. It’s in the dictionary. wink


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