Omar counts money with the boyfriend - The Wire
Sep 19 2008
1:25 pm

Omar is Coming - “The Mary O Remix”

Omar (aka Michael K. Williams) was a guest on The Opie and Anthony Show this morning to promote his role in Spike Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna. It was Michael’s first time on the show, so there was little in the way of movie talk and lots of The Wire. Toward the end of the gab session he pulled out a CD of his side project.. “Omar is Coming.”

In 2002, Jam Master Jay (of Run DMC) suggested that he record an Omar rap album. Michael spoke to Jay the day before he was killed; the album has been on the shelf ever since. Michael said he was in Chicago when he heard “Sumthin’s Gotta Give” and decided to trade Big Boi’s verses with his own. That’s how you get..


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The cast of The Wire
Dec 13 2007
9:24 pm

Cast of The Wire Signs DVDs. Season 5 is Weeks Away

This afternoon cast members of The Wire made an appearance at J&R Music and Computer World to sign copies of The Wire Season 4 DVD. Like bottled water, I thought I’d never pay for something that is available for free; until this DVD was released, I purposely avoided any and all things Wire related. That way I crack the seal and it’s a Wire weekend marathon; watch em’ all in two-three days. Funny how that happens, you would never watch a 12 hour movie, but with The Wire you can’t watch just one. That’s why waiting week after week is torturous.

As realistic as the characters and acting is on the show, it is just that acting.

Exhibit A: Does this look a guy running half of the hood?


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