Gabi Wilson dons celeb shades and a fedora
Jan 03 2008
10:35 am

Gabi Wilson = The Next Alicia Keys

The writers strike is still going strong but talk show hosts David Letterman and Conan O’ Brien made their way back on the air last night. They both sported caveman beards to show allegiance with their pavement pounding comrades. First night back was the only reason I stayed with NBC to check Carson Daly as well. He’s been on the air for a week or a couple of weeks. Last night he was on as background noise and I hear him talking about a young singer he heard on YouTube and some other random spots.. “Gabi Wilson, everybody!”

I turn to the TV and there is this little girl at a piano playing the opening notes of Alicia Keys “No One.” Not a hint of nerves or hesitation. She’s on it. Then she started singing, verse, chorus, wow. I had to hit myself for not having the computer recording this magic.

Gabi Wilson was belting out the song like she owned it. From Alicia Key’s high notes, the low, the stand up, everybody clap thing she does at the end, and the confidence of a musician who knows exactly where they want to take a song - and does so. I’m not talking about cute kid stuff. She’s got little quirks that hint that she’s doing something more than mimicking.

I exaggerate in the slightest. There is something special about this girl.


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