Mase one finger in the air.. like he just don't care
Jan 07 2008
11:52 am

Mason Betha Ministry Sighting: Is Pastor Mase Preaching Again?

When Mase came back to hip-hop I wasn’t upset about his decision. Can you fault a man for trying to make a living? If the church wasn’t doing it for him, why not come back to music with a new mature sound? Although he explained his return as wanting to ‘undo the damage’ he had done in his shiny suit days, I think know it was for the money.

How he would be able to make that work was the real question. Big brand hip-hop demands that you play in Satan’s playground, you know, as Mase would describe it.

His first step at ‘undoing’ was a little awkward. In the video for “Welcome Back” he flashed that Bad Boy smile, the I’m back on the block look, you realized he wasn’t that young 20-something rapper he used to be though, and he couldn’t rhyme about all the things he had denounced, so he got a pass for trying to steer clear of diving right into the temptations and subjects that drove him out of music in the first place.

Then “Welcome Back” tanked.


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