Apr 13 2008
9:23 pm

Madonna Speaks on the Paparazzi Monster, Haters, and Malawi

This month’s Vanity Fair has been on news stands for a few weeks; I just got around to reading the “Madonnarama!” cover story - online <

< editors take note. In the four page story she talks about..

The paparazzi monster.. TMZ?

“I haven’t been to Los Angeles in quite a while, and I don’t watch television here or in England, and I was told there’s now a television show where the paparazzi are the stars of the show - is that true? That they film each other doing paparazzi jobs?.. They get this close, and don’t care how much they scare your children.. Being famous has changed a lot, there’s so many outlets, between magazines, TV shows, and the Internet, for people to stalk and follow you. We created the monster.”


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Madonna in Mumbai
Jan 11 2008
5:29 pm

The Material Girl Spends $10,000 a Month on Bottled Water!

Last week I was in a supermarket, needing to break $20 I thought, “Why not buy some of that Acai Berry Haagen Daz. That’s $4.99 a pint.” When I got to the checkout there was this woman with her WIC book out trying to decide what was covered with it. You know, like real food: meat, eggs, a couple of apples and oh, “Can I get this green pepper?” She peeled off six worn dollars and took her two bags out the door. But she had to leave some chips or something like that in the cart. Then here I come with one item, $4.99 for ice cream!!
Even the cashier saw the irony in that. Gave me a funny look.

I’m gonna tell you I felt bad. Like I just put gold trim on the toilet seat, pictures of starving babies with bloated bellies and I’m hoping I get home before the cream melts.


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