Kanye West in a white button down and Kim Kardashian in a pink dress
Dec 31 2012
5:09 am

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are Having A Baby

Last night, during the final show of a three-night run at Revel’s Ovation Hall in Atlantic City, Kanye West stopped a song, auto-tune still ringing in the mic, and asked the audience Can we make some noise for my baby momma? And just like that, the world knew Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were having a baby.

For the doubtful, it was this video clip that cemented it.


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Crowd outside the Watch the Throne pop-up store
Aug 13 2011
9:37 am

“Watch the Throne” Pop-Up Store/Private Party: Starring Beyonce

Friday was the first day physical copies of Watch the Throne were available to the public exclusively in Best Buy and Target. You had to get to them early; stores seemed to have a small supply and they went fast.

If you live in New York there was another option.


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Kanye West freestyling on table at Facebook in Cafe 6
Jul 27 2010
11:32 pm

Kanye West Freestyling: Good Ass Job at Facebook Headquarters

This afternoon, Kanye West showed up at Facebook’s headquarters, in Palo Alto, California, and took a few minutes to give the people who keep your friends, and the friends of your friends, friends, connected, acappella verses from songs off his new album, Good Ass Job.

Let’s assume Kanye’s suit is part of the look he’s going for this time around: good ass suit, good ass job, not confirmed, but it makes sense. He performed four songs: “Mama’s Boyfriend,” “Lost in the World,” “Chain Heavy,” and Sweat on My Face.”


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Jay-Z, all black everything, performing at 2010 Bonarroo music festival
Jun 17 2010
1:46 am

Jay-Z “On to the Next” @ Bonnaroo + “Run This Town” w/ Kanye West

Life check: What did you do last weekend? If you were the, semi-disputed, best rapper alive, your schedule would have included flights to three cities on two continents, and one change of ‘showtime’ clothes between places.

On Friday, Jay-Z was in England at The Isle of Wight festival. In front of a massive crowd, he performed “Run This Town.” From the start, it was obvious Rihanna wasn’t coming out to croon the chorus, but Kanye West made a surprise appearance that drove everyone bonkers.


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Kanye West and Amber Rose in golden hooded dress at Chanel Haute-Coutore fashion show in Paris
Jan 27 2010
1:37 pm

Kanye West + Amber Rose’s Golden Aqua Girl Dress @ Paris Fashion Week

When Kanye West hooked up with Amber Rose he found the perfect, wacky chick to be his sidekick. Believe it or not, when Kanye’s not yanking microphones from the eager hands of teenage pop stars; crushing the cameras of slow footed paparazzi; or pounding his chest, screaming he’s the best to ever do it besides SC; Kanye West is a relatively quiet person — especially at a high-falutin event like a Paris fashion show. Yesterday, Kanye West and Amber Rose were snapped at the Chanel Haute-Couture show in Paris. It’s fashion week there.
Solo dolo, Kanye’s going to play the straight man. That’s not particularly flick worthy or interesting.


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Jay-Z with a skull face t-shirt
Jun 06 2009
10:34 am

Jay-Z Death of Auto-Tune: God has Spoken!

On my way out the door for an early hands-on of the Palm Pre, but a quick look at the ‘news’ and what’s this? In a pre-Blueprint 3 move, Jay-Z is ripping all the Auto-Tune rappers for sad sacking the music.
Nothing groundbreaking, more like it had to be said. Sorta like Moses with them Commandments. You know how Jay-Z shut down the basketball jersey craze by suggesting they were for kids, we’ll see if computer plugins are now substituted for vocal lessons.


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Kanye West and Lady Gaga at Dj Reflex's birthday party
Mar 12 2009
9:38 am

Kanye West and Lady Gaga at DJ Reflex’s Birthday Party

That’s not Kanye West with his new main piece Amber Rose. That’s the latest pop/club chick Lady Gaga. Kanye West struck this pose with her last night at DJ Reflex’s birthday party in Los Angeles. (he got cropped out.. Happy Birthday! Hah.) The big news? There is none. How about a mini-observation? Looks like Kanye West has finally turned in his hobo/Joaquin Phoenix hair club for men card..


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Kanye West in the studio, in a pink and orange shirt
Nov 07 2008
6:23 pm

Kanye West Talks 808’s and Heartbreak + “Heartless” Video(!) It’s Pop Art

“Heartless” is the second single off Kanye West’s 808’s and Heartbreak. If you close your eyes or just happened to turn on the radio, you’d think it was a T-Pain production. As you know by now, the entire album will consist of Kanye singing from the depths of his soul - so be prepared to hate it or love it, with no space between the two.

Kanye West was interviewed in Singapore and talked about the thinking behind the album and his new sound.


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Kanye West in Love Lockdown video.. with a ghoul in the room
Oct 07 2008
8:28 pm

Kanye West “Love Lockdown” Video(!)

When did Ellen become a place to world premiere a rapper’s music video? Kanye West has to be breaking some ground with this move. He premiered the “Love Lockdown” video on The Ellen DeGeneres show this afternoon.

Suffice to say, it’s about as weird as the song.


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Kanye West and Young Jeezy in the studio
Sep 24 2008
5:43 pm

Kanye West Bumps 808’s & Heartbreak to November: It’s Ready to Go

Kanye West’s blog should be a Twitter feed. His last post was short and to the point. “I CHANGED MY ALBUM TO NOVEMBER SOMETHING CAUSE I FINISHED THE ALBUM AND I FELT LIKE IT.. I WANT YALL TO HEAR IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.”

His words.. that’s also the picture he used. It looks like Jeezy will be on the album and I’ve spoted just how Kanye was able to get the album done so quickly.


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