SNL - Tracy Morgan's Pro-Barack Obama moment
Mar 17 2008
11:12 am

Tracy Morgan on Saturday Night Live: Black is the New President!

Heading into the Texas and Ohio primaries, Tina Fey made a return to Saturday Night Live to give a pro-Hillary Clinton/‘what’s the problem with her?’ monologue: “What bothers me the most is people say that Hillary is a b*tch… Let me tell you something, b*tches get stuff done!”

During the Ohio debate Hillary Clinton referenced another SNL skit, to say she’s been getting all the tough questions during the debates.. “Maybe we should ask Barack if he’s comfortable and needs another pillow.” The following week, Hillary Clinton appeared on SNL - laughing it up with Amy Poehler.


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Tracy Morgan, Yankees cap and his soon to be ex-wife Sabina, black doo - 07' style
Feb 14 2008
1:40 am

Tracy Morgan Speaks on Split/Pending Divorce from his Wife

If I ever have the chance to meet Tracy Morgan at some bar in Manhattan, the first question I’ll have for him is, “Were you ever a foot messenger for Archer Services?” When I was in High School that was one of my after hours jobs. Worked right off Wall Street, at the Pearl St. office. Among the cast of characters at this place was a short, dark skinned, dude from the Bronx named Tracy. He always had jokes, and walking down the street, you could count on ‘Tracy’ volunteering to impregnate, eat, sniff, or lick any woman coming his way.

As you know, that’s a Tracy Morgan staple.

I was only there a year and saw this guy off and on because of my school schedule. To this day, I swear ‘Tracy’ and Tracy Morgan are the same guy. Add that Tracy Morgan’s career didn’t start bubbling until the early 90’s on The Uptown Comedy Club and the numbers make sense.


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