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Feb 19 2008
11:01 pm

Deelishis Dishes on Flavor Flav: He Left Me for the Money

Over the weekend I hit the magazine racks and spotted Deelishis [London Charles] on the cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine. Nothing personal, but I have her filed away in the ‘bitch please’ side of my brain. Not sure what happened after Flavor of Love 2, but the end result looked a lot like Hoopz with a little lot more class and exposure. Here she was in Sister 2 Sister talking about finding a new love, it just wasn’t something I cared anything about. I did a quick flip for any mention of what happened with Flav though, got bored quick, and jetted.

Too bad.. I could have gotten a peek at that new man.

Deelishis in the bed sheets with her new man


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