Andre 3000 stiffed me on the tip
Jul 30 2008
7:20 pm

Andre 3000 Stiffs Waiter on Tip. Receipt Sold for $15 on Ebay

How much would you tip a waiter if the food was terrible, but he gave you all he had in service?

If your name is Andre 3000 the tip would be no dollars, zero cents. At least that’s the story Matt Moore, a student waiter at an Atlanta restaurant, is telling. With “Benjamin Andre L.” printed on the receipt, Matt Moore recovered the lost tip by selling it on Ebay.

In his words..


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Andre 3000 as Clarence Coffee Black
Feb 26 2008
6:54 pm

Andre ‘3000’ Benjamin Talks New Outkast Album and “Semi-Pro” on The Opie and Anthony Show

This morning Andre 3000 stopped at The Opie and Anthony Show to talk up his role in the new Will Ferrell movie “Semi-Pro.” Other than the normal promo chatter, Andre talked about a new Outkast album that will be released later this year. If you can call it that.

Although it’s Outkast til the death, the new album will take Speakerboxxx/The Love Below’s separate but equal double-disc strategy even further. This time it’ll be individual CD’s, released on two separate dates: Big Boi’s album is due this Summer; Andre is working on his, aiming for the Fall.

Even though he loves the challenge of acting, Andre said he’s still committed to music.


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Semi-Pro Premiere - Love Me Sexy
Feb 20 2008
11:26 am

Flickerazzi - Will Ferrell and Andre ‘3000’ Benjamin at “Semi-Pro” Premiere

Last night, in the land of bright lights and wild paparazzi, Will Ferrell and Andre Benjamin were shaking hands with adoring fans at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood, California. It was premiere time for “Semi-Pro,” Andre’s seventh film and Will Ferrell’s next box office smash.

Semi-Pro premiere - Will Ferrell

There’s that crazy guy, who will be referenced down below by his character’s name, Jackie Moon.


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