J&R Musicworld MusicFest 2008 - Solange
Aug 22 2008
11:26 pm

J&R MusicFest 2008 - Solange, Terrence Howard, and Michelle Williams Take the Stage

J&R Musicworld, a pretty big music and electronics store in downtown NY, is always having some kind of live act during the summer. Last night Solange, Terrence Howard, and Michelle Williams were on stage for MusicFest 2008.

Michelle Williams was more than happy to sing.. who knows what.

J&R Musicworld MusicFest 2008 - Michelle Williams

I’m sure it was fantastic.


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Terrence Howard DJing for Eva Longoria
Jul 07 2008
6:53 pm

Terrence Howard Making Beautiful for the Ladies

Finally, it’s “Love Makes You Beautiful” the first song from Terrence Howard’s long-talked about album, Shine Through It. I should be clear, not sure if this is the single, more like.. the first sounds I’ve heard so far.

Your first response might be to pounce all over it for the shocking awfulness, it’s what I was about to do. But close your eyes and try to imagine the song was recorded by someone you don’t know, yet has the look and is hyped as the newest neo-soul kid on the block.

Not even new.. think of it as Maxwell’s comeback joint.


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Terrence Howard at Iron Man premiere
May 01 2008
8:28 pm

Terrence Howard Wrote Three Six Mafia’s ‘Oscar Winning’ Pimp Lyrics?

Terrence Howard is bouncing around to promote this weekend’s big movie Iron Man. In an interview with Crave he spoke about how Robert Downey Jr. helped him to become a better actor. I’ll get to that. First there is this side swipe. Terrence talked about a movie he’s directing called Hold on Tight and brought up Hustle and Flow..

“When I was doing the film Hustle and Flow, I wrote a song beyond the other rap songs that I didn’t want to put my name on. I should have because I would have had an Oscar..”


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Terrence Howard in pin striped suit goodness
Mar 12 2008
6:23 pm

What’s That Sound? Terrence Howard Lands a Record Deal.

Terrence Howard didn’t get an Oscar for his performance in Hustle and Flow, but at some point in this Matrix we live in, Terrence convinced an A&R guy that he has what it takes to be a music artist.
Word from the Hollywood Insider is Terrence Howard just signed a deal with Columbia Records.
The name of the project is Terrence Howard Presents Me and the Band.

He’ll be singing instead of rapping and have musical backing by a live band as opposed to Protools.

A label rep says the album is untitled, but is scheduled for release this fall.


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