Tweet, Charlene Keys
Jun 20 2012
9:42 pm

New Music: Tweet “C 4EVA”

Before Twitter’s first Tweet by Jack Dorsey, we knew Tweet as singer, Charlene Keys. Brain fart? You know her from “Oops Oh My” w/ Missy Elliot; although digging for personal favorites, I prefer “Turn Da Lights Out”.

These days, Tweet is signed to Dubose Music Group, working on her third album Simply Tweet. Yesterday she released “C 4EVA”; the third of her #TweetTuesday series; it’s a hint of where her head is at in 2012.


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Tweet at a Hennessey sponsored event
Mar 12 2008
9:51 pm

Tweet’s New Love on Umbrella Records + “Real Talk” Snippet

Did you know Tweet is no longer on Atlantic Records? After recording her second album It’s Me Again the project got caught up in the merger between Elektra and Atlantic Records. Once the shuffling stopped, the original people backing the album were gone and there were all new label demands and politics to deal with. Obviously the album was released - you might own it - but Tweet decided to leave Atlantic, sit at home, and just be a “Mom.” <

< Her word.

Enter former Motown president Jheryl Busby. He offered her a contract on his new label Umbrella Recordings, giving her complete creative control and the promise of backing the project 150% on its delivery date. Tweet took off her Mom jeans and got back in the studio.

Her third album

Love, Tweet is due April 18.


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