RZa on set of You Can't Stop Me Now video shoot
Jul 08 2008
2:12 pm

RZA Moves to the Director’s Chair for “The Man with the Iron Fist”

RZA just released his fifth solo album Digi Snacks, a fitting title considering that music is really just snack food for him these days. With a close relationship with Quentin Tarentino and a successful big screen turn with Denzel Washington in American Gangster, RZA feels he’s studied from the best and is set to make his directorial debut with The Man with the Iron Fist.

Quentin Tarantino read the script and gave it the ready to go signal.
Eli Roth, the director of the bloody and stomach-churning Hostel, is producing the project; but RZA will be the man behind the camera.


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Jul 23 2007
7:22 pm

Rza What? Rza Wu on Southern Hip-Hop’s Domination

In the latest URB magazine, RZA gets the cover story with “Wu-Tang: Widdling Down Infinity” where he asks a question about Southern rappers.

“How has the South dominated hip-hop for the last four, five years without lyrics, without hip-hop culture really in their blood? Those brothers came out representing more of a stereotype of how black people are, and I think the media would rather see us as ignorant, crazy motherfuckers than seeing us as intelligent young men trying to rise and take care of ourselves.?

You could argue that Ol Dirty Bastard repped majorly for ignorant, crazy motherfuckers. You couldn’t argue that, barring that crazy cousin, on a whole, Wu-Tang hasn’t produced dense, lyrical gems that are foundation pieces in the hip-hop archives.

RZA’s displeasure isn’t strictly aimed at Southern rappers. He talks about a ghetto mindset he believes Wu-Tang made OK, that has only just come back to bite.


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