Fat Joe - black pin-striped suit
Mar 19 2008
4:49 pm

Fat Joe’s Confession: “Most of my music is stuff I’ve never done in my life.”

Surf over to Fat Joe’s site and you’ll get an earful of “The Crack House.”

In a Village Voice story “Fat Joe vs. the Volcano”, Joey Crack admits he’s a lot more like Martin Scorsese than Pablo Escobar.

“.. though, on record, he frequently yells out Coca! or Crack! when the mood strikes him, in real life he’s no gangster. Happily married, with homes in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, and Miami Beach, he doesn’t pretend that his tales of assassinating government informants or stacking bricks on triple beams come from his own life. After all, the only powder he carries is Crystal Light (i.e., the startlingly bright-red beverage), and his nickname, Joey Crack, comes not from the rock, but from an old graffiti nickname based on the unfortunate visibility afforded by his low-slung pants.


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