Q-Tip at The Renaissance release party
Oct 28 2008
6:14 pm

Q-Tip Celebrates “The Renaissance” at the Bowery Hotel

It looks like Q-Tip will finally get that album on store shelves (and iTune menus). His second solo excursion The Renaissance will be available on election day. So you can either listen to it during the big celebration or the big tune out ↔ Up top, that’ll be the look on everyone’s faces if McCain/Palin are elected by an edge; and try to find any young person that will take politics seriously anymore. Won’t happen. I’m betting the American people are ready for a revival of the spirit and intellectual stimulation ie. a renaissance. Let’s celebrate.


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Q-Tip and Consequence at The Knitting Factory
Sep 30 2008
5:10 pm

Q-Tip at The Knitting Factory + “Gettin Up” Video(!)

Last night Q-Tip made it back to The Knitting Factory, this time for a solo performance to pre-heat the release of his new album The Renaissance. Busta Rhymes also hit the stage for a quick verse. At one point in the show Q-Tip dug into the bag of hits and performed “Check the Rhyme.”


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Jay-Z and Lebron James at Lebron James Family Foundation cocktail party
Sep 12 2008
8:38 pm

Lebron James and Jay-Z Hold a Cocktail Party for the LJ Family Foundation

What is it Friday? I may be a little late on this, but any chance to post pictures of future black billionaires is worth the delay. On Wednesday, Lebron James held a cocktail party at the Ralph Lauren store in New York. It was an event for his charity The Lebron James Family Foundation. Whenever you get an invitation to a “cocktail party” you know there’s money in the room. wink

Republicans too..


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Kanye West on stage at the Knitting Factory
Sep 10 2008
8:28 pm
Q-Tip at the 2007 Seattle Music festival - Cathycracks
Jul 22 2008
6:53 pm

Q-Tip Gets Up With “Gettin Up”

Kamaal the Abstract, or as he will forever be known, Q-Tip is wiggling back on the music scene.
With a little help from the Hip-Hop Gods his second solo album The Renaissance will hit stores in a few months. Q-Tip teamed up with Nigel Godrich, the producer behind Radiohead’s albums, Pavement and a few of Beck’s. Certainly a good combination.

In May, Q-Tip told the Los Angeles Times..


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Trace magazine - Erykah Badu and Q-Tip
Mar 26 2008
12:05 am

Erykah Badu and Q-Tip in Trace Magazine: You’ll Watch Black Orpheus and Like It

Ah, finally, as bubbled last month, Erykah Badu and Q-Tip are the cover story of this month’s Trace magazine. Shout to Concreteloop for reminding me to circle back to the site. Trace is available in a downloadable PDF format (save that after it loads.)

Erykah Badu spoke of how much she was inspired by A Tribe Called Quest and the Native Tongues movement. Amen to that. The Native Tongues opened the doors for all the ‘freaqs’ in rap and if you were a singer, neo-soul became your thing.


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