The Black Keys and Danger Mouse
Apr 10 2008
1:28 pm

Danger Mouse and The Black Keys Bang Heads Together for “Attack and Release”

It’s amazing where a little publicity can get you these days. In 2004, Danger Mouse remixed Jay-Z’s “Black Album” with samples from the Beatles “White Album” and called it “The Grey Album.” Bang. Instant name recognition. Waving copyright infringement papers, EMI chased the album all over net - and the true barometer of success - “The Grey Album” spawned endless imitators: The Purple album, The Doo Doo Brown album, Bloody Burgundy, Lemony Yellow, Crushed Orange.. you get the idea.

Cee-Lo listened to Danger Mouse and discovered someone he could creatively mesh with - we got Gnarls Barkley. Before his death, the legendary Ike Turner asked Danger Mouse to produce his new album. Danger recruited The Black Keys, one of his favorite rock groups, to assist with the musical backing. Ideas were batted back and forth, but after Ike Turner passed, the project was kicked to the curb.


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