Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry and Nahla Aubry at the Topanga County Fair
May 31 2009
11:47 pm

Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx Kiss: Blame it on the Goose (?)

Go ahead, you explain this one to me. That’s Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry, and their kid, last Sunday at the Topanga Days County Fair in Topanga, California. Six days later (last night,) Halle Berry was honored with Spike TV’s Decade of Hotness award. Jamie Foxx presented Halle Berry with the - let’s admit it - meaningless award. What happened next can only be explained, jaw dropped, with pictures..


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Halle Berry's new curly hairdo
Oct 27 2008
7:34 pm

Halle Berry’s Brand New Curly, What it Doo

It’s been a few minutes since we’ve had a Halle Berry spotting. At least enough time for her to slip into a disguise and ditch the paps. That would be impossible - but she knows that by now. Over the weekend Halle was spotted up north, in Toronto, Canada picking up some eats at Whole Foods.

The coat, the glasses, the curly fro.


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Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry and Nahla in New York
Sep 09 2008
8:24 pm

Halle Berry, Gabriel, and baby Nahla in NY: Call off the Search

Yesterday Halle Berry and her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry were spotted at the Calvin Klein store in New York. Gabriel is also the father to little baby Nahla. With all of the trips to the movies, shopping and zoo fun with mama and the kid, dude has been mysteriously absent.


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Halle Berry holds up Nahla Aubry for the world to see
Aug 31 2008
11:23 am

Halle Berry and Nahla Aubry Make their World Premiere!

Look who gave up the fight; Halle Berry was out in public with her daughter Nahla Aubry and as you can see, held her up for the world to see. She is very cute. The type of kid you’d expect coming from the Berry genes..

Halle Berry and Nahla Aubry just kicking it

Give me those baby feet!


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Halle Berry going into Ketchup in West Hollywood
Aug 07 2008
5:19 pm

Halle Berry at Ketchup. I’ll Have the Scallops

Halle Berry was snapped going into Ketchup: a West Hollywood celeb restaurant spot where you can bite into anything from $26 Drunken scallops, $20 Momma’s Meat Loaf, to sultry double glazed Jack Daniel’s drenched pork chops. <

< ehh.. I'll pass.

Have a look at

the menu and a ‘regular person’ review on Jaunted..

“The entrance to Ketchup bothered us because despite the friendly hostess at the counter to the right, we had to climb up some wide but steep stairs.


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Halle Berry and nephew(?) leaving the movies
Jul 27 2008
5:13 pm

Halle Berry (and that kid) Do The Dark Knight

Why all the Halle Berry stories? The woman is out of the house and free to be snapped by the people that bug her the most. On July 19 Halle hit the movies old school style: went to the mall, bought a ticket, popcorn and sat middle-row center aisle for the best viewing experience.

Halle checked out The Dark Knight.


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Halle Berry strikes a binocular pose
Jul 25 2008
10:31 pm

Halle Berry Tackles Paparazzi for Taking Pictures of Her Baby

This afternoon Halle Berry filed a criminal complaint against the photographers that took pictures of her four month old daughter, Nahla Aubry. The photos which have circulated the blogosphere the last few days, show Halle and her mother at a table. Halle is standing, holding her daughter to her chest; you can’t see Nahla’s face.

The pictures were tagged as ‘Halle Berry out and about in Los Angeles,’ but she claims the photographers snuck on the grounds of her home and took them from somewhere in the backyard.


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Halle Berry at the Westfield Mall
Jul 22 2008
8:58 pm

Halle Berry Hits the Mall With Her 19-Year-Old Son!

Okay, that’s not Halle Berry’s son. If you got here through a Google search and feel deceived, you can leave now.

Halle was spotted at the Westfield Mall in Century City, California over the weekend, with this ‘mystery’ man. He’s too young to be a jumpoff. I’m thinking cousin.. nephew.. bodyguard? Now that’s a laugh.


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Halle Berry leaving the dentist's office
Jul 15 2008
8:56 pm

Stylish > Halle Berry at the Dentist Office

Here is Halle Berry leaving a dentist appointment yesterday. The new mother looks fabulous, and very casual. I love her accessories.

Halle Berry leaving the dentist's office


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Halle Berry sporting her Obama t-shirt
May 29 2008
2:59 pm

Stylish in L.A. > Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, Meagan Good + Christina Milian

Here is a candid of Halle Berry out and about in L.A. Clearly we can all see which political candidate she is in favor of. Her Obama shirt is very cute.

Halle Berry sporting her Obama shirt

Halle Berry looks stylish even when she is dressed down.


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