Melanie Fiona and Questlove
Jul 12 2009
11:11 pm

Melanie Fiona and Questlove Present the Illadelphonics Mixtape

You’ve seen Melanie Fiona at a few events; heard her single. Inquisitive minds might ask, what’s up with the album? Melanie Fiona’s debut silvery disc/download The Bridge is slated for release on Sept. 22. Last year, while on tour with Kanye West, Melanie Fiona was introduced to Questlove. She let him know that if she ever made a mixtape as a teaser/taster for her album, she wanted him to be the wizard behind the mixing board. Questlove said, “fa sho.” Of course, Questlove’s specialty is live music. So he invited Melanie Fiona into his new spot at NBC studios to record live versions of some well known songs, new and old. Think Sam Cooke’s “Cupid.” Think Kanye West’s “Heartless,” minus the Antares audio.


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?uestlove looks at the sky.. no limits
Nov 17 2008
8:28 pm

The Roots Leaving Tour Circuit to be Jimmy Fallon’s House Band

During an interview in Chicago last week, ?uestlove revealed that The Roots will be taking a long break from touring to bang out as Jimmy Fallon’s house band. Jimmy Fallon takes over Conan O’ Brien’s late show spot in 2009, so you still have still time to catch those live shows.
There was a YouTube video, that is now.. ‘no longer available’ - don’t you hate that? Thank Young America for a transcript of ?uestlove’s message-board confirmation..


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Chrisette Michele sings in Rising Up
Apr 23 2008
5:37 pm

Rewind That (Video) - The Roots “Rising Up” + “75 Bars” + “Get Busy”

The Roots 10th album, Rising Down, will be legally.., available on April 29. The previously released videos “75 Bars (Black Reconstruction)” and “Get Busy” are great indicators that, on the low, The Roots have crafted one of the must-have hip-hop albums of the year.

Widely respected, music video director, Rik Cordero is all over the project; he is the eye behind the videos for Rising Down. Leading into the album’s debut week, “Rising Up” featuring Chrisette Michelle and Wale is live and ready. ?uestlove taps out a Go Go beat, got guys spinning on their necks and backs, and Black Thought and Wale’s lyrics twisting through the whole circus.


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