Sean and Nicole Paultre-Bell
Apr 25 2008
1:27 pm

Three NYC Police Officers in Sean Bell Case >> Not Guilty!

This morning a Queens, NY, judge determined that the three NYC police officers charged with emptying their guns on Sean Bell’s car, killing Bell and injuring two others, justifiably feared for their lives. Not Guilty.

Judge Arthur J. Cooperman said the testimony of the prosecution’s witnesses, including Bell’s friends in the car that night, Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield, weren’t believable, “at times, the testimony of those witnesses just didn’t make sense,” Cooperman said.

Consider this, it’s late at night, you and some friends are in your car. You’re going about your business and you turn around and someone has a gun pointed at you; screaming for you to do.. something. All you see is the gun. You’re the driver. You hit the gas to get away from this person. This person, who turns out to be an undercover cop, sees this as you trying to flee the scene - which you are. The car crashes and you head in the other direction. Now the cops (because you didn’t even see the other guys yet) believe you are coming at them and start shooting - 50 times.


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