The Big Three - Boston Celtics 2008 NBA Champions
Jun 18 2008
8:47 am

Kevin Garnett Knocks the Bully Out: Boston Celtics Win the Championship!

As a New Yorker, I had no favorite team to win the NBA championship. I’m a Knick fan, first. A great player fan, second. Between Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, who could I side with? I like them both. All I looked for was a great series, and to make it interesting, how about Kobe Bryant take the Boston Celtics to the brink?

After the Lakers first win, Kevin Garnett was at a loss for words during the press conference. This is all he ever wanted: the opportunity to play for a championship. The Celtics were still a game up, but Kevin Garnett has had some success in the playoffs, only to see it slip away. Dude was nervous. That’s when I made the decisive switch to root for the Celtics.
Through years of half-ass teams, Garnett has put so much of himself into the game and when his best chance to win a ring pops up.. Now I want him to fall? Nah, that’s for the sour patch kids.


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Paul Pierce and friend
Apr 29 2008
9:02 pm

Paul Pierce Fined $25,000 for Flashing Piru Blood Gang Sign

Paul Pierce was fined $25,000 by the NBA for allegedly flashing a Piru Blood gang sign at the Atlanta Hawks center Al Horford. During a game 3 playoff loss on Saturday, Al Horford hit a big shot, after which he trash talked Paul Pierce. Apparently, Paul Pierce didn’t like his yapping.

A timeout was called after the shot was made. As Al Horford walked to his bench, Paul Pierce moved toward center court, making sure Horford could see him, and flashed a hand signal in the air.


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