Condoleezza Rice speaks at White House conference
Sep 09 2008
6:45 pm

Condoleezza Rice Secretly Voting for Barack Obama → “The Proof”

Barack Obama’s run for president has caused Condoleezza Rice to be unusually vocal about issues related to African-Americans. Shortly after Barack Obama’s speech about race and its history in America, Condoleezza Rice gave her own thoughts about ‘America’s birth defect.’

It wasn’t covered the way you’d expect. Maybe she has always been that open and the press just wasn’t covering it. Take this for example.

Yesterday in a keynote address at a gathering of black colleges and universities Condoleezza Rice spoke about the lack of chocolate faces in the hallways of Washington D.C.


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Entertainment Weekly Cover Oliver Stone's George and Laura Bush
May 08 2008
1:43 pm

EW’s First Look at George and Laura Bush >> Oliver Stone Style

Oliver Stone is hard at work, trying to crank out this year’s Farenheit 9/11. His biopic of the soon to be ex-president, George W. Bush aka Who’s Osama?, is on full press. The listed drop date is 2009, but the word is Oliver Stone is hoping to have the movie finished by this October. Just in time for the November election.

Entertainment Weekly got first dibs on a photo of his George and Laura Bush (Josh Brolin [No Country for Old Men] and Elizabeth Banks [40 Year Old Virgin].) The movie is a dramatic reenactment of key moments of Bush’s presidency, but with all the George Bush impersonations over the years on SNL, Comedy Central, etc., I find it hard that anyone will take this as a serious movie.


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Condoleezza Rice
Mar 28 2008
5:03 pm

Condoleezza Rice Speaks on America’s “Birth Defect”

Two weeks ago, when Barack Obama was on flames for Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s statements, with some saying African-Americans are anti-American, I wondered what Condoleezza Rice, flying around the world as our Secretary of State, felt. How does that prominent black American feel about race in America?

Yesterday, a Washington Times reporter asked Condoleezza Rice about the upcoming 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s death and how race relations have changed since then - “Rice hits U.S. ‘birth defect’


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