GZA and his son Karrem Justice eat pizza in New York restaurant
May 22 2008
9:14 pm

Wu-Tang’s GZA and Son Talk His Music/Eat Pizza in Pitchfork TV’s Daytripping

A single song lifted from GZA’s catalog.. let’s say, “Cold World”.. could supply an album worth of material for many of today’s hip-hop artists. With hook and fluff dominating the airwaves and Wu Tang’s popular influence diminished long ago, GZA is still in the game and grooming the next generation.

In a hip-hop game interview GZA spoke about the next.. his son, Kareem Justice..

“My son, he was born an MC. He was rhyming before he could even put words together.. He loves to watch people battle, and analyze and judge it. When somebody drops something, he’ll buy it, give it his ear, and give me his opinion. There’s no rush. I’m not trying to force my son, or he would have an album already.”


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