Stephon Marbury melts down
Jul 27 2009
4:27 pm

Stephon Marbury Destroys his Career, Truman World Style

If you are not watching Stephon Marbury destroy what’s left of his career, really what are you doing? Short story shorter: yesterday afternoon, Stephon Marbury popped up on, shirtless and mouthing off about everything on his dome.

When he’s not talking, he plays random songs as he drifts into radio DJ mode, “Ladies if you want to hear Drake, press 1.” At one point he broke down and started crying. When he went to sleep, he kept the cam running, like a bedtime Truman Show cam.


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Stephon Marbury - Coney Island
Jul 18 2007
6:26 pm

Stephon Marbury Says He’s Leaving the NBA For Italy in 2 Years

During the time Larry Brown put his destructive touch on the Knicks, the losing and confusion with no end in sight gave the players plenty of time to think about things other than basketball.

First it was the fatherly chats with Isiah Thomas, then the $15 sneakers for those without, flip on Fox Sports and there he is doing the interview thing on “Stars on Stars” talking with his peers about life and success. “I’ve been playing basketball since I was 2 years old. Running in the sand, selling sodas on the beach in Coney Island with my brothers, getting stronger with dreams and a vision of making it to the NBA. Now I have a bigger vision for myself.”

The evolution of Stephon Marbury is about to take an across the globe leap. Stephon Marbury blogs in the NY Post, today he confirmed a report that he’ll leave the NBA in 2 years for the relaxed and vibrant life of Italy.


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