Marlon Wayan and Ray Park at G.I. Joe premiere in Los Angeles
Aug 07 2009
4:31 pm

“G.I. Joe” Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles: Marlon Wayans, Ciara, Aubrey O’ Day

Last night, the celebs and their personal Entourages stepped out to The Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles for the red carpet premiere of “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra.” Consider this yellow light, the studio execs didn’t allow any sneak previews/reviews of the film. That’s usually a sign that the movie is the opposite of fantastic and they’re attempting to avoid drying up their first weekend squeeze of the box office. Oddly enough, I’ve avoided any reviews, even Twitter comments, about the movie for the same reason: I don’t want to know anything ruining the summer action flick experience before sitting down with something hot buttered/salted and a quart of sweet, icy, liquid diabetes. Yes, large does equals XXL and the sugar high fills any blind spots in the plotline. Honesty, I stash a human-sized drink in a pocket or bag. wink


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Aubrey O' Day poses with a pitcher of apple cider at NYC Rescue Mission Thanksgiving 08
Nov 28 2008
1:21 pm

Aubrey O’Day Spreads the Love on Turkey Day at NYC Rescue Mission

Ex-Danity Kane member Aubrey O’ Day spent some time on Turkey Day to help out at New York City’s Rescue Mission. Founded in 1872, the Rescue Mission gives spiritual hope, food, clothing and shelter to anyone who walks through their doors. Yesterday, food was on the minds of most of those people. Aubrey didn’t dish out the mac and cheese..


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Dawn Richards in a red, white and green sundress
Oct 17 2008
12:21 pm

Dawn Speaks on Possible Split from Danity Kane

So D. Woods and Audrey were kicked out of Danity Kane in the Making the Band 4 finale. I always thought Audrey would wander off on her own anyway. As much as Audrey is criticized for being ‘trash’, she was the only interesting personality in the group. D. Woods was the people’s favorite, for some unknown reason (can she sing?). The other two are placemats, and then there is Dawn. If nothing else, she’s cute. That could be enough to have Diddy try to make her the next star of the label.


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Making the Band 4 premiere party at Guest House in NYC
Aug 20 2008
6:38 pm

Making the Band 4 Premiere Party *Starring* Laurie Ann Gibson

The third season of Making the Band 4 premiered on MTV last night. While everyone was watching TV, the stars of the show were at Guest House in New York celebrating the occasion. This season will chronicle Danity Kane, Day 26, and Donnie’s tour experiences and struggles to become the 10x platinum stars Diddy demands/lives for.

The BIG surprise of this early season is the news that Laurie Ann Gibson is back in the mix. She recently spoke about getting back on the Diddy team..


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Aubrey O' day and her pink haired poodle leave the Neil Simon Theatre
Aug 14 2008
6:10 pm

Aubrey O’ Day and Her Pink-Haired Dog Leave the Building

Aubrey O’ Day has two more weeks of singing and dancing in her role as Amber Von Tussle in the Broadway play Hairspray before she gets back to pop life with Danity Kane. That’s assuming Aubrey is still a part of the group. She’s certainly under contract (ask the The Lox about Diddy’s paper gangster) ~ but she will be the first to go on solo patrol.


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D. Woods 25 birthday party
Jul 06 2008
8:38 am

Stylish > D Woods’ 24th Birthday Party

Danity Kane group member, D Woods celebrated her 24th birthday in Atlanta on July 3 at Lucky Lounge.

D. Woods at her 25th Birthday party

Clearly the fashion theme of her party was an 80’s throwback style.


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Aubrey O'Day J'Adore magazine
May 29 2008
6:50 pm

Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’ Day Spreads Solo in J’Adore Magazine

Love the word play? Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’ Day is the cover girl for this month’s J’Adore magazine. I’ll pause to acknowledge that I’ve never flipped a page of or even heard of J’Adore. I absolutely hate when these kinds of posts are tacked around the web saying *so and so* was in *insert obscure magazine title here* as if we’re all big fans of it. That said, I understand: it’s all about the pics and these are fantastic.


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Danity Kane album Welcome to the Dollhouse album release party
Mar 19 2008
7:40 pm

Flickerazzi - Danity Kane’s “Welcome To The Dollhouse” Album Release Party

The reviews are in, Danity Kane’s Welcome to the Dollhouse is a winner, kinda. Yesterday, Danity Kane were all over New York City knocking out the promo part of the project.

Danity Kane at Best Buy

TRL was the afternoon stop.


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