Jun 02 2008
1:04 pm

Fashion Icon, Yves Saint Laurent Passes Away: Can We Get a R.I.P.?

Yves Saint Laurent died in Paris this weekend, a brain tumor and respiratory problems took the 71-year-old fashion icon to the other side. Yves Saint Laurent was a protege of Christian Dior. Widely credited with designing clothing for the modern woman, he sucked in the street/pop culture of the 60’s and 70’s and turned it into elegant, luxurious styles that reflected the liberating times.

In the early days of his career he was labeled the “bad boy” of fashion.

Women wearing YSL pant suits were banned from restaurants and a see-through chiffon blouse he designed in the 70’s sparked outrage from the pooputt patrol. Yves Saint Laurent was also the first to ink ethnic collections inspired by Mongols and North African women.

The first to use black models in his shows.

And the first designer to appear in his perfume advertising
- he did it nude (if you must)


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