Diddy and Lil Kim at the 2008 CFDA Awards
Jun 03 2008
8:01 pm

Stylish > Diddy, Lil Kim, it’s Black Fashion @ The 2008 CFDA Awards

Last night was one of the most fashionable events of the year, The 2008 Council of Fashion Designers Awards. This event was held at the New York Public Library. Most celebs that attended dressed to impress, but of course there were a few that were fashion challenged.

Diddy in white suit at the 2008 CFDA Awards

Diddy looks dapper and suave in this suit; white always looks good on him.


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Andre Leon Talley dons shades - Vogue fashion editor
May 06 2008
8:52 pm

Mariah Carey Sends an Email Confirming Her Marriage: “I’m So Happy”

Alright, I said I wouldn’t dig, but this kind of fell on my lap. People is reporting that Vogue’s fashion editor, Andre Leon Talley, got an email from Mariah Carey on Monday confirming her marriage to Nick Cannon. Take it and bake it..

“I received an email from her [Monday] and she is so happy. She really sounds like someone on her honeymoon. I love Nick Cannon for Mariah,” Talley said. “For Mariah, this is poetry.”

Now if the baby bump Mediatakeout rumor is also true, that would be something.


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