Blair Underwood - Casanegra - Hue-man book signing
Jul 18 2007
3:52 pm

Blair Underwood Talks “Casanegra: A Tennyson Hardwick Novel”

Blair Underwood was at Harlem’s Hue-man book store yesterday, signing copies of his first ever murder mystery book, “Casanegra.” The book was written in collaboration with two established authors, Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes (22 books between them.) They created a story about an ex-gigolo named Tennyson Hardwick.

Hardwick (there’s a joke there for the ladies) is a ‘gorgeous’ actor living in Hollywood.

One day he reconnects with a female rapper, Afrodite, one of his former clients for a night that ends with more than sex. The next day she’s found dead, stuffed in a plastic bag with her head split open. Guess who the suspect is?

The book has received rave reviews on Amazon.

They all seem to love the sexiness of it. Even E. Lynn Harris, but that’s another story.


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