Vanessa Williams pumping her own gas
Jul 09 2008
10:05 am

Stylish > Vanessa Williams Pumps Her Own $4.50 Gas

shades are also fly.

*tag* >> C.G.

Beyond the fabulosity, this tells us, at $4.50 a gallon for self-service, even celebs aren’t going to tack on that extra .30 cents for full service action. Hey, I wonder if this guy..


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TV Land Award Fashions - Lisa Raye, Vanessa Williams, Beverly Johnson
Jun 10 2008
1:12 pm

Stylish > TV Land Awards Fashions: Lisa Raye, Vanessa Williams, Beverly Johnson

This past Sunday was the TV Land Awards. Many celebrities attended, a few were fashion disappointments.

Lisa Raye at the TV Land Awards

I have no idea who told Lisa Raye that this dress was a good look on her. It is not, and her stylist needs to be fired.


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