J&R Musicworld MusicFest 2008 - Solange
Aug 22 2008
11:26 pm

J&R MusicFest 2008 - Solange, Terrence Howard, and Michelle Williams Take the Stage

J&R Musicworld, a pretty big music and electronics store in downtown NY, is always having some kind of live act during the summer. Last night Solange, Terrence Howard, and Michelle Williams were on stage for MusicFest 2008.

Michelle Williams was more than happy to sing.. who knows what.

J&R Musicworld MusicFest 2008 - Michelle Williams

I’m sure it was fantastic.


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Solange Knowles with Mom and Beyonce at her 21st birthday party
Aug 04 2008
3:01 pm

Solange to Work for Armani

It looks like Solange is beginning to gain some serious ground in the fashion endorsement arena. It was announced last week that Beyonce’s little sister will be an ambassador for Armani’s jean line. This is a huge honor for Solange, and I am happy for her. It is definitely a good look for her. Beyonce has previously worked for Armani, as the face of Armani’s Diamonds fragrance last year.

Dressed in Armani, Solange will begin her European press tour with a stop in London at the end of this month followed by Cannes in early August.


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Rap-Up Cover with Keri hilson, Solange Knowles and Teyana Taylor
Jul 11 2008
4:56 pm

Doing Way Too Much: Rap-Up Covers Keri Hilson ..  Solange Knowles ..  and Teyana Taylor

Rap-Up magazine’s latest cover features Keri Hilson, Solange Knowles, and Teyana Taylor. I think it looks like the 80’s threw up all over this cover. I do like some of the 80’s styles, but this is overkill. The only one that looks ok is, Keri Hilson. Solange’s outfit is a hot mess, and the two-toned tights just make it look foolish. Teyana’s ensemble looks like something Lil Mama would wear. It would’ve looked a lot better without the sneakers, and hot pink glove.


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Solange Knowles in black sunglasses
Jun 19 2008
10:33 am

Solange Knowles the “Annoying Little Sister” Speed Dialed Cee-Lo for Six Months

Solange Knowles album SoL-AngeL and The Hadley St. Dreams will be in stores in August. While you’d think she would have her choice of superstar producers and writers to choose from, she tells another story. “People think that my family association helps me, but in a lot of senses it hinders me,” Solange said. “When reaching out to these producers, they don’t know if I’m a real musician or if I’m just someone’s annoying little sister.”


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Solange and Michelle Williams
Jun 12 2008
12:38 am

Stylish > Solange Limps into TRL, Michelle Williams, + Noemie Lenoir

Yesterday Solange Knowles stopped by TRL. Not really sure what happened to her foot, but she had on a very large foot cast. Her brown and white print summer dress looks ok, but what is up with her eyebrows?

Solange in a brown and white summer dress and baby powder colored eyebrows

They look like she colored them in with some baby powder. I hope she is not trying to pass this off as trendy, because it is so not.


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