Diddy partying like it's 1999
Feb 04 2009
4:10 pm

Diddy Says Hip-Hop Needs a New Sound: He’s in the Studio

Last year, Kanye caused a ruckus when he revealed that he doesn’t listen to hip-hop, when at rest, and considers his new music and direction to be electro-pop. Actually, E.P. is my description, feel free to thief it Mr. West. Well Diddy is a fan of Kanye’s music and is going in that direction too.

On Monday he told MTV that hip-hop has slipped into a recession and it’s time for a new sound. He’s making bold moves.


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Diddy celebrates his 39th Birthday party at Mansion in NYC
Nov 06 2008
10:29 am

Diddy Celebrates his 39th Birthday at Mansion ☼!☼

Election day marked the 39th year that Sean Combs’ God-like genius has blessed this earth. The humble man that he is, S. Combs gave Barack Obama the spotlight and put off his birthday celebration until last night at Mansion, under the bright lights of New York City. You see the clear stuff in the cup. Just call him Ciroc Obama! ← his words, not mine.


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Diddy takes a picture with voter on voting line in Florida
Nov 03 2008
4:31 pm

Final Splash for Barack Obama: Beyonce + Jay-Z + Diddy + MJB

One more day until history is made. If you’re anything like me, all the election commentary on the news today sounds like yabble-babble. Want to know how ridiculously scattershot John McCain’s campaign has been? Only today are his Obama ~ Reverend Wright ads being pushed in force. The Drudge Report looks like the Sludge Report, with the number of wacky Obama headlines they have up.

Even the Palin jokes are lame. Will she run in 2012? Sure and she’ll still be winking and embarrassing the leaders of the Republican party. Enough is enough.


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Eve leans on the bar at 1OaK in New York
Oct 24 2008
10:10 pm

Diddy and the Twins in Luomo Vogue → What Was He Thinking?

On Wednesday, Diddy held a little celebration at 1Oak in New York for his L’Uomo Vogue cover. That’s the first pitbull in a skirt Eve (Recognize, SP) taking a look at the photo spread. I’m guessing that slight ‘uhhh’ on her face came when she saw Diddy and his twin daughters, D’Lila and Jessie, posing sans clothes.

We’ve all seen celebrity baby pics. Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise with their shirtless babies.. but these girls ain’t newborn, and they’re not in a tub.


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Diddy rubs his chin in Diddy Blog 16.5
Sep 03 2008
7:10 pm

Diddy Apologizes to Alaska. Sarah Palin?.. Not So Much

Diddy Blogs are getting a lot of attention these days, not for good reasons. People are generally amazed that a multi-millionaire is goofing around on the internet like a teenager.
The video about gas prices was alright, Janelle Monae was the truth, but sometimes Diddy seems in desperate need of someone to edit the off the rails stuff. Like “John Mccain is Buggin Out”.


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Diddy looking at the sunny blue sky
Aug 28 2008
12:10 pm

Diddy Can’t Afford the Personal Jet; Flying Coach Like the Common Folk

Yesterday there was a story circulating about Diddy grounding his personal jet, possibly selling it, because of high gas prices. A round trip, Diddy said, would cost him $200,000 or more. Here’s the video to go with that.. as he boards the plane.


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Making the Band 4 premiere party at Guest House in NYC
Aug 20 2008
6:38 pm

Making the Band 4 Premiere Party *Starring* Laurie Ann Gibson

The third season of Making the Band 4 premiered on MTV last night. While everyone was watching TV, the stars of the show were at Guest House in New York celebrating the occasion. This season will chronicle Danity Kane, Day 26, and Donnie’s tour experiences and struggles to become the 10x platinum stars Diddy demands/lives for.

The BIG surprise of this early season is the news that Laurie Ann Gibson is back in the mix. She recently spoke about getting back on the Diddy team..


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Diddy's in the house - at Foxwoods
Aug 08 2008
8:50 am

Diddy a No Show at Fashion Week + Cheri Dennis

I am sad to announce that Sean John will be not be having a runway show during the upcoming Spring ‘09 fashion week. Diddy will only be hosting an editors’ presentation of his spring line this month.

I am not sure why he decided not to show during fashion week, but I think this is not a good move for him or Sean John. Last year’s show was amazing, and fabulous. The last thing fashion week needs is less minority designers showing their lines, especially since there are already a huge lack of minority models being used in major shows.


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Cassie behind the scenes on a video shoot
Jul 29 2008
8:19 pm

Hey Diddy! Cassie is a “Soldier 4 Your Love”

Cassie spent the last few weeks ‘getting her head together’ and putting in work on her new album. A little leakage from the studio is on the web in the form of “Soldier 4 Your Love”

Cassie “Soldier 4 Your Love”

Once an artist’s personal life gets on the streets, everything they sing sounds like a diary entry or a secret message to.. whom this may be concern.

“People say that I’m a fool, for loving someone who, doesn’t play by the rules, but they don’t know you. So easy to judge a book by its cover, cause they don’t understand that you’re the only one for me, there’s no other. I’m with you til the end.
What about love? What about faith? What about trusting that the one you’re with is with you all the way.. I’m a soldier for your love”


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Diddy and Cassie doin it up
Jul 25 2008
8:30 pm

Diddy and Cassie NOT Engaged .. Yet

Rumors don’t escape anyone’s ears these days, especially when the rumors are about you and Access Hollywood is repeating it. This morning Cassie hopped on her Myspace page to clear up that little engagement rumor first floated by Star magazine.

“HEY! This blog is simply to clear up a rumor. The newest one is that I am engaged. That rumor is completely false and I have no clue how it came to be or why it got so big, but it’s not true, real talk. I am not engaged. Whether or not you’ve heard about it, thank you for your time smile Stay Blessed!”


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