Magic Johnson throws a pass
Mar 12 2002
12:53 pm

Is There Magic in the Garden?

Madison Square Garden, the home of the NY Knicks is a sad place to be these days. Lots of seats are left empty, the beer is warm, popcorn stale and the fans who consistently cheer the team on are let down night after night as the players start bricking it, get butter fingers and lose big leads in the fourth quarter.

There was a time when the Garden was the hottest ticket in town, Spike Lee danced along the sidelines and it was packed with stars and frenzied fans. Now that the Knicks have a 23-38 record - 12th place in the East, celebrities only come through if they have nothing else to do. Season ticket holders give their seats away so they can get home early. The lone soldier, the most loyal fan of them all, is Spike Lee. He still makes it to every game, but he’s not jumping up and down anymore.. maybe he uses the time to think of the new movies he should be making. (heh heh, when does he work?)


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