Mar 27 2002
1:28 pm

Sharissa Heating Up

“The men are bugging me out, they’re grabbing at me. I’m excited, they’re giving me love (claps and whoos.)”

That was Sharissa on the radio yesterday, explaining her new found fame to Wendy Williams. You’ve seen her in that “Any Other Night” video where she calls her man, he doesn’t show up or call, so she calls the next man. Yes indeed, it’s the new woman of the millenium, ready to shove a brother out the door for the slightest infraction. What’s going on?.. What’s going on?

It’s no wonder that dudes are hawking her right now, they’ve seen the video, those thigh-high boots, nothing on really but a jersey and the bosom spilling out the top. She’s country thick and she’s also a new jack, so the industry hounds are making bets as to who’s gonna tap that first. Sorry if your offended, but it’s the truth. Even her damn dentist is trying to weasel his way in.


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