Keke Wyatt in a grey and black striped shirt, setting the record straight
Jan 18 2010
2:52 pm

Keke Wyatt Talks Who Knew + Steak Knives vs. Apple Peelers

Who knew Keke Wyatt was back on the scene? A little [unclever] play on words, Keke Wyatt has a new album coming out on February 23rd titled Who Knew? She’s signed to indie label Shanachie records. The song and video for the first single “Who Knew” is pretty damn good.

It’s been nine years since her debut album, Soul Sista and she hopped back in the booth, looking like she never left and sounding like she never should have vamoosed.


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Keke Wyatt
Mar 27 2002
1:28 pm

Sup with Cuckoo.. Uh, I Mean Keke?

Christmas Day 2001 will always be memorable for Keke Wyatt’s husband and manager Rahmat Morton, for whatever reason he decided not to buy her the 3 carat nugget and before he could say.. “but..” she ran into the kitchen to grab a steak knife and started to slice and dice. Rahmat was stabbed in the chest, back, arm and top of the hand. He should be happy that she didn’t drop to the floor and go Lorena Bobbit on that ass. I don’t know how big Rahmat is.. height and body wise, not the jangalang.. but Keke at 21-years-old must have the strength and swiftness of a bobcat, cause he didn’t stand a chance.

Okay.. I’m bullshitting about the reasons for him getting stabbed, but he did catch it “in the chest, back, arm and top of the hand” just adding a little tabasco to the story. Besides, it’s old news.


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