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Mar 29 2002
2:18 pm

The Corruption of America’s Children

Bill O’Reilly, who was recently dubbed “the new king of cable news” by TV Guide, had a special on FOX last night, “The Corruption of the American Child.” The show was described as “a thought-provoking special that examines the effects of the entertainment industry on today’s kids.”

It explored TV, movies, the internet, and music with this disclaimer: “Some may be shocked to see and hear what today’s youth are exposed to on a daily basis: salacious dress, obscene lyrics, violent bullying and sexual promiscuity.”

Of course one of the areas in the spotlight was hip-hop. Russell Simmons and Damon Dash were interviewed briefly to explain the guns, drug and sex references in their artist’s music. It was pretty funny. They couldn’t explain it. Everything on the show was spliced and mixed to accent every point that Bill O’Reilly tried to make.. which you would expect.


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