Funkmaster Flex
Jun 30 2008
7:27 pm

Funkmaster Flex to the Young Bucks of the Industry: You’re a Hamburger!

The 50 Cent and Young Buck situation has settled with Young Buck’s closest ‘friends’ choosing to ride with 50 Cent; close, as in, I saved his life, but if his Bentley is repo’d, that’s the game. It should be no surprise that Funkmaster Flex is on 50 Cent’s side. He’s always going to sit where the VIPs are sipping the finest and stacking towerful paper.

Flex took a break during his HOT 97 radio show to give some advice to the stars. To 50 Cent, Diddy, Jay-Z .. >> Stop putting on snausages.
To Young Buck and T-Pain (Flex said T-Pain has the potential to flip).. Don’t get it twisted, you’re a hamburger and will always be a son.


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50 Cent in purple baseball hat on Canada's MuchOnDemand
Jun 23 2008
6:33 pm

50 Cent Speaks on Shaniqua Tompkins’ Bag Habit and Young Buck’s Bad Habits

Yesterday, 50 Cent was in Canada flossing a Colgate smile for MuchOnDemand. It’s not a GQ look he’s going for. In an interview filmed in a hotel room, earlier that day. 50 explained the clean look.. “I had to cut my hair, my facial hair for the last couple scenes in the movie [Microwave Park] I’m doing with Val Kilmer and Sharon stone. I be feeling like I’m ten when I ain’t got no facial hair.”

Right after 50 said that, he paused and stumbled, “I don’t know what else to say.” But have you ever known 50 to have nibblets on his tongue?


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Young Buck
Jun 19 2008
1:03 pm

Young Buck Explains Crying Phone Call in “Taped Conversations”

Apologies are in order. Yesterday the leaked audio of Young Buck “crying” was sprayed all over the place. 50 put it out there like it was a call from last week. If you believe Young Buck, that phone call was a conversation they had a year ago. In the just dropped track, “Taped Conversations”.. Buck cleared the smoke..

“When you put the shit out you should have told them that was a conversation that me and you had, something like a year ago. It was a heartfelt conversation for Young Buck. So yeah, they heard the emotional side of me, but they see the bitch nigga in you 50. Believe that.”


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Young Buck and 50 Cent
Jun 18 2008
2:10 pm

Young Buck Gives 50 Cent a Call: I Know I Got Out of Line

If you’ve been keeping up with rap beefs, you know Young Buck has been going at 50 Cent.
Well now 50 has fired back, by releasing audio of Young Buck asking back into G-Unit - at the least a little money for back taxes he owes to the IRS.

Ask is probably the kind, word. What starts out as a simple explanation/I’m so very sorry for the misunderstandings and slick talk, turns into a lil breakdown.
Young Buck starts talking about the money he owes and not being able to get shows to pay it off.. and then a *sniff*.. a word.. and another *weird sniff.*


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