Happy Holidays from Barack and Michelle Obama
Dec 24 2012
7:48 pm

Happy Holidays from Barack and Michelle Obama, and Bo!

In this week’s video address, Barack and Michelle Obama sent a special message for the holidays. Last year’s theme was “Shine, Give, Share.” This year it’s “Joy to All.” As they describe: it’s the joy of giving service to others; the joy of sharing blessings with one another; and, the joy of mixing it up with friends and families over the next two weeks.

The Republican side of the house and senate could demonstrate that Joy for All spirit by agreeing to legislation that will prevent us from sliding off the fiscal cliff.


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The Obamas celebrating the Holidays at the White House, early December
Dec 25 2010
1:05 am

Holidays at the White House: Michelle Obama Tracks Santa

As we speak, the Obamas are in Hawaii for the holidays. However, early on Christmas Eve, Michelle Obama spent some time to answer phone calls from kids asking the question of the day: Where is Santa? The phone calls were part of the NORAD “Tracks Santa” program. “Track Santa” began in 1955 after kids in Colorado Springs, saw a Sears ad in the newspaper that invited kids to call Santa, with the wording, “Hey, Kiddies! Call me direct.. Just dial.. “


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Michelle Obama shakes hand with a supermarket clerk
Feb 24 2010
6:13 pm

Michelle Obama: Let’s Wipe Out Food Deserts

As part of Let’s Move, the campaign to end child obesity, First Lady Michelle Obama is taking on food deserts. Not dessert - as in chocolate cake and cookies. Desert - as in neighborhoods with any number of fried chicken spots, Chinese restaurants behind bullet proof glass, and corner convenience stores stocked with sodas, chips, ‘cigar wrappers’, and not much else. In short, a food desert is a place strangely absent of fresh fruit and vegetables. We’re talking areas of the country you might live in and if you have ever ventured to ‘the other side of town,’ the differences in food quality is striking. As a result, people who live in food deserts resort to eating food tagged responsible for weight gain and later in life, health problems.


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The Obamas step off Marine One returning from Hawaiian vacation
Jan 05 2010
4:53 pm

The Obamas: Back to the White House

After watching Michelle Obama make a guest appearance on the Food Network’s Iron Chef challenge over the weekend, it occurred to me that the Obama girls haven’t been pictured in awhile. Maybe they found their comfort zone, tucked away with school interests and whatever else White House kids get into. Kick that to the curb.


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Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington and Sarah Jones
Jun 26 2009
1:12 pm

First Lady Michelle Obama Wants Substance and Purpose

Michelle Obama was happy during Barack Obama’s run for president. When they weren’t together on the campaign trail, Michelle would occasionally speak at another event in the state; holding it down and promoting the cause for Change. Now that Barack Obama is the Commander in Chief, The Washington Post is reporting that Michelle Obama is wondering what exactly she’s supposed to do with this First Lady thing ..


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President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle - their first dance
Jan 21 2009
1:44 am

President Obama and First Lady Michelle: First Dance.. “At Last”

History was made yesterday. You might have heard about it: a guy named Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. There was no way to put the moment into words. I was soaking up the sounds and images since Saturday’s Obama Express, but the inauguration ceremony was something I will always remember. Where were you when? &8592; I got that. So do you. Anyone sitting on the outside of living history has one foot in the past or is ignoring the future. Last night it was inaugural ball time.. three quick highlights.


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Michelle Obama
Aug 26 2008
12:38 pm

Michelle Obama Blows the Roof off the DNC: Day One

The first day of the Democratic National Convention can be described in one word - boring. Speaker after speaker gave these bland and dull speeches. It was hard to watch. Then Ted Kennedy took the stage. Fighting brain cancer, Ted Kennedy wasn’t expected to or asked to make a statement, but he wasn’t going to be stopped from letting the world know he still intends to fight for the people and Barack Obama.

Democratic National Convention Day One - Ted Kennedy

It wasn’t easy. You could see he was having some difficulty, but just being on stage and his determination to push through (and past) made it a special moment.


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Michelle Obama on the cover of Radar magazine - September 2008
Aug 11 2008
6:27 pm

What’s So Scary About Michelle Obama?

Step to the rear, Tyra.. Michelle Obama is the cover girl for this month’s Radar. What’s so scary about a mother of two children/Princeton graduate? You’ll have to pick up the magazine. I’m guessing it has something to do with her love of machine guns and a wrinkled black militant to-do list ready to go once her husband secures the presidency. I joke, of course. And Radar’s ‘smart-pop’ edge wouldn’t allow the article’s theme to be that blatant.

Judging by Ana Marie Cox’s (the writer of the article) previous Obama ruminations..


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Tyra Banks as Michelle Obama in Harper's Bazaar
Aug 05 2008
11:12 am

Tyra Banks as Michelle Obama in Harper’s Bazaar (The Picture)

Here’s the picture of Tyra Banks posing as Michelle Obama in that Harper’s Bazaar photo spread. Tyra’s publicist said she was going to have fun with it. Umm, I personally couldn’t tell if she was Michelle Obama or any other chick at a VIP affair.

You know who the guy is supposed to be. But if someone blindly showed you this picture, your first thought wouldn’t be.. “it’s the Obamas!”


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The New Yorker - Barack and Michelle Obama 'muslim' cover
Jul 14 2008
6:13 pm

The New Yorker Makes Obama Joke >> No One Laughs

By now you know what’s behind The New Yorker’s Obama cover; if not, one look at the cover is all you need to jump in the discussion.
Actually, one look at the cover is all anyone is doing. The article..

“Making It: How Chicago Shaped Obama.”

Barack Obama in The New Yorker

15 pages deep, is not the trashing the cover would lead you to believe.


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