Diddy takes a picture with voter on voting line in Florida
Nov 03 2008
4:31 pm

Final Splash for Barack Obama: Beyonce + Jay-Z + Diddy + MJB

One more day until history is made. If you’re anything like me, all the election commentary on the news today sounds like yabble-babble. Want to know how ridiculously scattershot John McCain’s campaign has been? Only today are his Obama ~ Reverend Wright ads being pushed in force. The Drudge Report looks like the Sludge Report, with the number of wacky Obama headlines they have up.

Even the Palin jokes are lame. Will she run in 2012? Sure and she’ll still be winking and embarrassing the leaders of the Republican party. Enough is enough.


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Roberto Cavalli Halloween Party
Nov 01 2007
7:42 pm

Flickerazzi: Roberto Cavalli Halloween Party in NYC

Yesterday, Italian designer Roberto Cavalli had a Halloween Party at Cipriani’s on 42nd St., which one attendee called, “Hands down.. the best Halloween party I’ve been to in my whole life.”

Did you get your invitation? Most didn’t.

According to local news sources, 1.5 million ‘regular’ people pranced the New York streets, at the Village Halloween Parade, a true freak fest.

While celeb types hit the Cavalli affair, looking freaky in their own right.

Most of us Whudatliens hadn’t heard of Roberto Cavalli until scanning the headline. Can’t remember if he was name dropped in a Foxy song, way back when she was rhyming about the contents of her closet. So I first looked at these pictures thinking this Cavalli guy is a real character.


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Russell Simmons - XXL Magazine
Jul 09 2007
1:10 pm

Russell Simmons: “You Can’t Tell Me I Can’t Have An Opinion About Rap”

In the dust of the Imus affair, MTV interviewed Snoop. During the conversation, Snoop brought up Russell Simmons, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson’s involvement in the ‘policing’ of hip-hop. Snoop.. “Those guys are irrelevant, if you ask me, and that’s not to disrespect them. I love what they do and how they do it, but they’re not players, they’re owners. You gotta get the players involved.”

Kind of like saying, let the kids figure this thing out for themselves.


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